Our Confusing Economic Crises, Explained in Layman Terms

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    brian eiland Senior Member

    ...... a really good explaination (and in laymans terms) of what has lead us to our current economic crises, and where it might be leading us near-term and long-term. Well worth a listen....and scary when you think about it.

    I bring this subject up as it will surely affect our boating participation for the next several years.

    Fresh Air from WHYY, April 3, 2008 ยท Perplexed by the U.S. economy? You're not alone. Law professor Michael Greenberger joins Fresh Air to explain the sub-prime mortgage crisis, credit defaults, the shaky future of other types of loans and what we can expect from the U.S. financial markets.

    Greenberger is a professor at the University of Maryland School of Law and the director of the University's Center for Health and Homeland Security.


    New Age 'Gambling' invades US Financial Markets
    ... ..while I was working in Asia I resisted investing in their markets even while they were booming, as I felt they were too 'gambling oriented'. Listen to this 'betting atmosphere' that has taken hold of our USA economy
  2. lazeyjack

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    Can't understand it?
    Well it's very simple
    The markets are driven by greed, so simple, when people get so greedy that they sell down a going concern, hedgefund wise, in order to make a profit, then it destabilises all
    Been trading now for 10 years
    this whole sub prime caused by greed,
    Do not have to be an economist to see this
    City, flashy lil creeps with gelled hair making 30 million POUNDS a year screwing around with hedge funds, selling short , producing SOD all IF YOU THINK i AM MAD, YOU BETCHER, on paper lost a lot because of this stupidity
    Our market, follows yours, Aussies like sheep they all run from one end paddock to other, and back, our market dropped 30%, with absolutely no need whatsoever
    Also this planet can not just grow and grow, someone has to have the balls to say whoa!! hold yer horses
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    masalai masalai

    Here Here Jack, well said... I am expecting a US Depression and the possibility of other s##t hitting various fans. If it doesn't happen, I am well ahead... Future investment will be in setting myself up to be autonomous and independent of the vagaries of the "commercial markets" by being self-sufficient in as many of life's needs as possible, for "retirement"...
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    Lazeyjack you are absolutely right - our problem here in RSA is that our population growth is huge and now we have this uncontrolled stream of (black) humanity coming over our borders from up north. I can see myself in Brisbane (same latitude as JHB) within a year or three and i pray that the OZ goverment will have the presence of mind to control their stream of humanity coming from up NORTH. At least you are surrounded by water. The mother fu*&ers cant just walk across.:mad:
  5. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    They will try, but currently it is a Christian monopoly... - many from the north have already arrived (dafor)

    Don't delay, best route is "skilled migration" and tradies are in desperate need NOW for the open cut mines... Build your boat here... better cruising grounds... Need some contact links? - coastal towns around Gladstone service the coal fields...
  6. lazeyjack

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    WHEN China wants this place it will take it, maybe in 50 years , maybe a 100
    thought Rudd had makings of a brilliant PM, but there he s saluting that troublemaking s.o.b Bush
    got into much trouble here years ago because I slammed the war, now 4000 USA cannonfodder gone and I million innocents killed??
    No wonder there is a recession, Gov spending trillions on arms Still ,:idea: blame the people for voting warmongers into power
  7. safewalrus
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    what pray do you consider the innocents? NOT Iraqi citizens over five years old that's for sure!!
  8. lazeyjack

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    i though long and hard abt your answer
    i have to say you a re one sick man
    Every post you make abt anything other than WHITE is dirogetory, in extreme
    i flagged your post rather than leave feedback
    i fail to see one post on this site that relates to boatdesign?
    You and a few others continually stroke each other egos my feeding pts, for God knows what
    If I could find the ignore button I surely would
    Nothing you can ever say will redeem you for the racist hatred you have posted here
    CAN you show your face?
    and before you have a ragin fit, as I have seen before(bourbon) please sit down, calmly drink a cuppa and think abt you raving mentality:))

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