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    Could anyone help me to define the limits for the following survival requirements?

    2.8.2 For vessels subject to 2.6.1:
    • .1 in any stage of flooding:
      • .1 the waterline, taking into account sinkage, heel and trim, should be below the lower edge of any opening through which progressive flooding or downflooding may take place; such openings should include air pipes and openings which are closed by means of weathertight doors or hatch covers and may exclude those openings closed by means of watertight manhole covers and watertight flush scuttles, small watertight cargo tank hatch covers which maintain the high integrity of the deck, remotely operated watertight sliding doors, and sidescuttles of the non-opening type;

      • .2 the maximum angle of heel due to unsymmetrical flooding should not exceed 25°, except that this angle may be increased to 30° if no deck immersion occurs; and

      • .3 the residual stability during intermediate stages of flooding should never be significantly less than that required by;
    • .2 at final equilibrium after flooding:

      • .1 the righting-lever curve should have a minimum range of 20° beyond the position of equilibrium in association with a maximum residual righting lever of at least 0.1 m within the 20° range; the area under the curve within this range should not be less than 0.0175 m radians. Unprotected openings should not be immersed within this range unless the space concerned is assumed to be flooded. Within this range, the immersion of any of the openings listed in and other openings capable of being closed weathertight may be permitted; and

      • .2 the emergency source of power should be capable of operating.

    LIMIT (6) RA AT 20 > 0.1 `
    LIMIT (7) AREA AT ABS 0 TO ABS 20 > 1.0 `
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