OSTEC Reports for British Waterways Board

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    I am looking for some old research papers done in the late 1980s/early 1990s concerning Narrow Boat hull design.

    In the late 1980s/early 1990s the British Waterways Board (as was, now the Canal and River Trust) got three reports done for them by a consulting company in Glasgow called OSTEC which appeared to use resources at Glasgow University

    The reports are

    Craft design and erosion control; phase I; report no OS-85-11 , Glasgow OSTEC (1985):

    Craft design and erosion control; phase II; report no OS-88-01, Glasgow OSTEC (1988):

    Craft design and erosion control; phase III; Full scale comparative trials of the OSTEC improved and traditional narrow boat hulls report no OS-91-01, Glasgow OSTEC (1991)

    Authors were

    R C McGregor and A M Ferguson of the Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Glasgow and OSTEC Navigation Ltd, Glasgow.

    The CRT has no record of these reports any more. The staff involved at the time have all now long since retired.
    OSTEC as a company no longer exists.
    The people who wrote it are no longer on the staff list at Glasgow University according to their website.
    The National Archive has no records
    The Waterways Archive has no records
    They are not in the library of the University of Glasgow.

    Does anyone on Boatdesign have a copy of these still?

    Many thanks
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