Osprey 23' Daysailing Tri

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    This is a very good looking tri and seems like it would be a lot of run to sail and race:


    Length: 23'
    Width: 16'6"
    All up weight with engine, sails & safety gear: 1,000 US pounds
    Mast Height: 31'5"
    Mainsail: 228' sq.
    Jib: 100' sq:

    Component History:

    •Amas started life as nacra 6.0 hulls, we extended 3 feet. (so I suppose we could have called it a Trinacra)
    •Carbon Mast came off a Cathouse/Nacra 6.0, we added 2nd set of diamond wires
    •Main hull started life as a Leneman L-7 ama, we widened stern by 8.5", raised freeboard, and completely redid internal structure & deck
    •Crossbeams came from a broken Mumm 30 mast, we made sockets and added waterstays for extra stiffness
    •Dave fabricated all aluminum components, including rotating, pivoting mast step with internal halyard exits, kick-up/raise-lower rudder cassette & steering system, foredeck handrails, ama/aka attachments, and waterstays
    •Carbon Daggerboard from a Hobie Tiger, rudder is an N-20 daggerboard
    With all the supports, the main hull should fly, but we are breaking it in slowly, so that we don't break anything critical. We have not pushed it hard enough to know. We do not have any sort of lifting foils because we wanted to keep it simple enough for 2 people to operate, and because we have a lot of eelgrass in local waters. But the amas appear to have plenty of reserve bouyancy.

    ONBOARD VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDWj76RuwaQ&feature=player_embedded

    click on image:

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    Cool boat Doug!
    Thanks for posting!
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