Ormas going to Hobart

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by redreuben, Jul 14, 2013.

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    I don't think the boats are there to race to Hobart - there are almost no Sydney multis apart from Sean's that are super offshore capable. On top of that the Hobart is the premier event of many offshore races. If you race with the CYCA or other Sydney clubs you can do offshore races on the weekend with lots of other monos. The only Sydney multi race fleet is inshore only so the boats do not have the match fitness the offshore monos get week in and week out.

    I certainly don't think we would win any converts by rubbing people's noses with multis blasting past monos (if they would anyway - race monos are fast nowadays). Having been into multis for 30 years I feel we do more by being quiet and letting the boats speak for themselves and always allowing those who sail monos to sail them with our full support. Viva la difference - sail what you like. My choice is no better or worse than yours.

    If there are lots of people who want to race multis to Hobart they will race multis. The CYCA can't stop them but due to low numbers of raceworthy multis I don't think it will happen any time soon.

    Certainly the CYCA wouldn't allow Lock Crowther et al to race in 1966 and they raced anyway with lots of media even back then but there was no follow up race. 6 boats started and only 2 finished. No race in 1967 or ever again.


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    Corley's post 05-03-2013, 04:11 PM
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    A video shot at the Grand Prix Guyader in 2012 this years event has been well attended by multis as well and is underway at the moment. The acceptance of the French of a large variety of different craft in one event is impressive everything competes and have their own division from stand up paddleboarders, kite boarders, Imoca's and Maxi Trimaran.


    Also in tennis Doubles play along and next to singles.

    Sailing is sailing.
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    Great vid-thanks!
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    Indeed, I'm a huge fan of the French Sailing scene and their integration of all kinds of sailing craft into their events and would like to see that kind of event in Oz. I'm not convinced we can transpose the French experience onto our sailing events in Australia.

    My view is it would be better in the case of the Sydney to Hobart to run a separate inclusive race (maybe even call it a rally for the cruising enclave?) for all types of sailing craft (along the lines of the Coastal Classic in NZ perhaps?) and maybe we would pick up some monohull competitors who are disenchanted with the current Sydney to Hobart race structure.

    The core of the issue is that you need a certain number of competitors to make the event worthwhile to run and at present in Australia we have a very limited number of multihulls that are a) are suitable and properly equipped for ocean racing and b) want to sail a Sydney to Hobart or (Pittwater to Hobart perhaps?).

    If we could allow for the entry of monohulls with their own classes and overall handicap trophy and a separate trophy and handicap for the multihulls it could work well. Having enough entries to make the administrative, organisational and financial effort worthwhile is important.

    I disagree with the concept that for some reason we have a right to be part of the existing CYCA Sydney to Hobart event or are in any position to demand entry. It's really their call what classes and types of sailing craft they want to include.
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    Pittswater. Sorry if I sound Negative but I don't mean to. With a name like that it would be doomed to failer. How many world Sponsors, world citizens would know where the hell Pittswater is. It does not Rhyme with other power phrases.

    People would automatically think pittsburgh and catch the wrong plane as a spectator.

    Think beyond the square.
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    Sailing is sailing, but surfing is surfing and longboards, shortboards, Stand Up Paddleboards, boogieboards and kneeboards normally all have different events and you don't get (for example) longboard surfers demanding to compete in boogieboard events.

    Motor racing is motor racing but you don't get F1 cars demanding to race in sedan events, you don't get get cars in motorbike races, etc etc.

    Cycling is cycling (to use a topical example) but as noted earlier you don't get faster 'bents racing normal UCI bikes, you don't get TT bikes in road races, you don't get bicycles in the (wonderfully weird) tricycle races.

    An event that offers several types of sailing is fun, but the Grand Prix didn't cater for all types of craft and the fact that some events are fairly open doesn't mean that all of them have to be.

    Can I ask whether you feel that the C Class should be opened up to tris, whether Moths and other monofoilers should be allowed in A Class, whether the Texel and the Australian multi champs should be opened up to monos, or does it just go one way?

    Should shorthanded races have to allow fully crewed boats? Does the world Rugby 7s tournament have to include full-size teams?

    Re the tennis analogy- doubles and singles players still use the same equipment; a mono is not the same as a multi. You also don't get doubles and singles competing against each other in top events. Interesting, though, that doubles teams would normally win against a single player like a multi would normally win against a mono - and yet the less efficient single player is still the main star.

    I see from your sig that you are into wine. To me, drinks are a reasonable analogy for sailing craft. Some drinks suit some people and times but that doesn't mean that other drinks are inferior. We have wine awards and no one seems to demand that beer, vodka and whisky are allowed in. I see there's a New Zealand aromatic wine competition that "bans" non-aromatic wines - should that competition have to allow sparkling wines, reds, ports and whisky?

    "All in" mixed events are great but just about every other form of human endeavour accepts that there can be important specialist events as well - why is mono sailing the exception?
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    Seems like Corley has already thought beyond the square and seen that lots of major sporting events are named after or known by their insignificant locations or even sillier things.

    How many people catch fish with a fast net, or know where the race starts and finishes?

    How many people in the English speaking world knew where the Route de Rhum was going?

    Why do the names of comparatively insignificant towns, cities, areas and villages like Le Mans, Indianapolis, Albert Park, Phillip Island, Monza, Silverstone and Bathurst mean so much to motor racing fans?

    If Pittwater has such problems as a name for an offshore race, why was the Pittwater to Coffs the #2 offshore race in Australia.

    Why did eating white bread let you go around the world, and since when did Volvos float that well?

    When did Louis Vuitton stop making handbags and start making drinking equipment?

    Have you ever wished upon an OSTAR?

    Why do Kiwi sportspeople try hard to earn a shirt with a bit of twig on it?

    Did those who spent gozillions winning the One Ton Cup have to get a reinforced mantelpiece to take it, or was the strange name irrelevant to its status?

    Who ever heard of Stawell and why did he give the Gift?

    Did the Olympics just become the Olympics because of the mountain they were named after?

    Is the Super Bowl really good for mixing cakes in?

    What did trans pack before modern sex change surgery?

    How come they are called All Blacks if some of them are blonde caucasians?

    Is it really Bradman's ashes in that urn?'

    Isn't an 18 Foot Spliff something out of a Cheech and Chong movie?

    Would you want innocent children to know about 49ers?

    Why is the world's #1 tennis event named after the place the Wombles came from?

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    I've been involved in a Kooky/different job today & the tune & vibe we've set is the "Banana Splits!"........... looks like every one is having a............ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxhoGTq_Sms

    I wanted one of the buggies so bad when I was a kid.. probably still do.
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