Origami steel yacht construction

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by origamiboats, Nov 30, 2001.

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  1. MikeJohns
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    MikeJohns Senior Member

    You are being extremely deceitful. Those statements are not only fraudulently dishonest, they are also the last resort of a childish playground mentality . Simply make up something derogatory and post it repeatedly. But the one thing you miss is that all my statements are on record, and nowhere did I say anything of the sort.

    It's pathetic stupidity itself to hang yourself on public record where the proof resides therein for all to read. This just confirms the fraudulent way you operate, it's apparently innate within you to lie and cheat and distort.

    All you ever want to do is collect distortions, you just don't like facts do you. They annoy you, so you make up an alternative reality, build a castle in the sky, and move in. You are the king of your castle all right.

    Here's some truth for you. Quote me on this next time:

    You've ignored offers of help, you cannot countenance that anything you ever said or wrote was ever wrong, you clearly have an attitude problem,
    you make fraudulent statements to try and support your claims.
    Your designs are unnecessarily weak even for the material used.
    You are frighteningly ignorant about designing in steel for a reliable safe end product. Your level of understanding there is abysmally poor.
    It's apparent that you have lied about the derivation of the stability of your designs. That needs some urgent attention.
    You derive your income from the whole mess by doing very poor fabrication as shown on that video and selling very poor design sketches as plans. Plans which non-one should try and build from because of the poor, weak detail indicated.
    You deride quality design and fabrication.
    You deride engineering and naval architecture as a profession
    You cannot accept that a small amount of extra material would make a huge difference in redundancy and strength.
    Rather than ever actually discuss anything decently you use stupid childish and dishonest tactics repeatedly. You are untrustworthy.

    I'm sure I've missed a lot here...

    Above all you are on a limb. You cannot get one person to stand up and argue that you are right. There's no body of evidence, no textbooks, no teaching which supports your unique and totally fallacous view of the world.

    Now do you want any clarification or links to the relevant statements and posts to support everything I just said?
  2. welder/fitter
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    welder/fitter Senior Member

    In our province there are eleven certified welding inspectors who are women. Eight are level 1(student), two are level 2, and one is level 3. The last time Brent said that a female welding inspector had seen his boat and approved was a few years ago on the origamiboats group. As is typical, he did so in an attempt to discredit me. These few years later, the ghost inspector is on his boat, giving her approval, once again. Furnish us with a name and I will find out if the statement is true, firsthand.

    When Brent suggests that none of the places he worked at had their welders grind plate edges(etc), he makes a serious error in listing Canron as one of those places. The engineer retained by Canron for welding certification - from 1974, continuing for more than two decades - was my father. My father "carried" Canron in the leaner times because a very good friend of his was the welding/fabrication foreman. This same person is well-known & well-respected by every certified welder in our area, as well as, numerous others. I don't expect Brent to remember his name, though I mentioned it on the origami site, but a simple physical description would prove/disprove that Brent ever worked there. As many of my friends have worked for Canron and as I made numerous visits there, both, as a kid and as an employee of my father's, I can state that proper welding prep was always followed, including grinding. Mainland Foundry? I was with Mainland Manufacturing Ltd. - my first real job - after they had moved the foundry, & had fab. shops, etc., on River Road, in East Richmond. The retained engineer? Once again, my father. There is no way that they ever got away with shoddy workmanship, either in East Vancouver(Powell St.) or in Richmond.

    Brent once stated, a few years ago, that he'd worked for B.C. Marine. So, I asked my welding chargehand at Vancouver Drydock - who had been at B.C. Marine for a very long time - and I asked a few welders I worked with, who had worked at BC Marine for significant periods. No surprise, nobody had ever heard of him. Somewhere in an earlier post, I believe in this thread, Brent states that one of his boats were built at BCIT(British Columbia Institute of Technology). Well, I know several of the instructors, so I should wander down there and ask about this one...

    So, Brent only digs himself deeper.

    (For the anonymous negative point giver: Sorry if this post offends you, however, I can offer proofs for everything that has been stated. Can Brent? A cheque stub? ROE? names?)

  3. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Brent, (and other that do not know) this is how to go about quoting from posts WITHOUT using the quote button - useful for using quotes from different posts in one reply

    1. Highlight the text you want to quote and press reply (click right mouse button to copy).
    2. Now paste the text you had copied. (click right mouse button to paste).
    3. Highlight the text again and press the yellow square "quote" button - third from left on top.
    4. The text will now have the words
  4. TomThumb28
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    TomThumb28 Junior Member

    Oops, it's not the # icon it's the yellow one next to it as Wynand pointed out.
  5. LyndonJ
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    LyndonJ Senior Member

    Well said !

    I read some of Brent's posts and blink in disbelief. Shameful conduct hardly does justice to some of what he writes.

    To put it out in hard copy on a public forum and expect everyone to fall into line behind his lead is just delusion. Making up facts seems to be his alternative to both education and truthfulness. It just didn't work on this site and Jeff has been great letting this run it's course.

    Does anyone think Brent will really learn to use the quote button :rolleyes:
  6. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    Is there a quote button on a hand grinder?
  7. larry larisky

    larry larisky Previous Member

    you have to admit, it is not easy for brent to read, and reading the "quote" click, is beyond is education.
    but remember he built a 26' sailing boat 25 years ago, and since then he never worked.
    but he is a welder, a designer a genius.
    and by the way he hate the people who woks, but take the money of the people who worked all their life for his precious retirement.
    brent is what's wrong with the system. a blood sucker of the worst kind
  8. RHP
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    RHP Senior Member

    Come on guys there's no need to be openly rude, the two sides to this argument aren't going to agree so everyone may as well back off.
  9. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

    At Mainland John Veitch was the foreman along with Earl Horton. At Canron Peter Smith was forman, and a scot was head poncho.
    At Great west in Saskatoon, McElvie was foreman.
    I did detail and structural welding on joists at Great west steel, both in Sasakatoon and Burnaby..
    Not bad for nearly 40 years ago. How many cheque stubs do you have from 40 years ago?

    "Packs are composed mostly of cowards who are frightened of being ostracized themselves - people who are neither fascinating nor original. Packs cannot stand diversity or originality. They are dull entities. You do not need them"
    Asa Barber
  10. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    I can't believe Brent is hanging in here. I would have dropped the thread or forum about 30 pages back. Despite all the anti-Brent, you gotta give this guy credit for one thing: Tenacity.
  11. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Wood Butcher

    He really does stick like chewing gum.

    I meant this as a compliment.
  12. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

    Others would take their money to pay themselves for grossly outdated building methods, to needlessly waste the time they are paying for , for doing things that are a complete waste of time, and their money. I try to get them out cruising quickly and affordably, without wasting any time and money on things that don't matter.

    I enable them to retire far earlier by setting an example for them, and making their boats and gear far more affordable, drastically reducing their environmental impact in the process, your environmental impact being defined by how much money you go thru..
    I've been told that "The individual MUST serve the system" is a direct quote form the communist manifesto. Is that where Larry is comming from?

    Get back to the subject Larry, What does this have to do with poker and booze?
    I once saw a T shirt which said "I'm a workaholic. Mention work and I get drunk"
  13. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

    Thanks Wynand
    Will do next time. Again, how many major weld failures have you, or anyone else seen in the steel cruising boats under 50 feet, which you, or anyone else have encountered? Post some pictures of them.
  14. Brent Swain
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    Brent Swain Member

  15. larry larisky

    larry larisky Previous Member

    you right, i must be dead drunk for reading your material.
    and since you're god, could you give me a hint for my next poker game.
    will be greatly apreciated.
    now i can finish my drink, been in peace with brent god
    brent do you read what you wrote sometime, or just been drunk like me and type at random some regurgitations?
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