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Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by bfish, May 30, 2011.

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    i bought this bout on cregs list w/ no title but it had the old reg and bill of sail so i bout it did the reg forms and lost title then the marien bord sent me a letter that i had to have to have a hin inspection the hull # is the same as it was on the old reg from 2009 is this normal as ive never done a lost title on a boat and the marina said it was all good to should i worry that the boat was stollen? sorry if this is not the forum for this post i just need answers if i can get them , again im in oregon :confused:
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    Yes, you should worry if the boat was stolen, though a title search will reveal this. It's very probable they've already run the registration numbers through the stolen boats data base. It it was on the list, they would have seized your boat, so this is in your favor, though not a guarantee.

    The Oregon State Marine Board is who handles the title and registration of boats there. An inspection is customary, so have receipts for everything. Th engine serial number will also be checked, so be prepared. Basically they'll check the HIN against the hull registration number to make sure it's the right one for the boat and they'll run the numbers through the stolen stuff data bases. Pay your taxes and fees and they'll send you a fresh registration and new title.
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