Options for AC power in sailboats

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    I'm new to this forum, from what I have seen it is a place of excellent ideas, and good group of people. My handle is " Endurance" only because its the name of my boat, which is a Jeanneau 43DS. I am a sailor, but comfortable in power as well. I have a USCG captain's license and I have been on the water for 50 years.

    I am looking for options to add AC power ( independent of a shore cable!) for my boat. The easy answer is of course add a diesel generator. Besides the cost ( 10K) there is the weight factor and the maintenance issues. The two options I have come up with: Hydaulic pump driven generator, the generator only weights in at 100 lbs.and puts out 7kw, and second, an engine driven unit that is best described by looking at their web site: www.meps.com I'm still not clear about how that system works, Ijust sent them an email so we shall see... Any thoughts or am I on the wrong track??
    Thanks, Bob
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    What do you mean by a hydraulic pump generator?
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