Oppertunity awaiting REAL professional boat builders

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by SKM, May 9, 2007.

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    A well established company in U.A.E is in the look out for professional -Project managers who can take the lead in manufacturing steel as well as GRP Composite crafts .This is a highly visible role and will require someone of exceptional caliber; the ideal candidate must have a degree and hold prior experience in marine engineering.
  2. watchkeeper

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    Project Manager

    Regarding the PM position in U.A.E. I am a Project engineer currently employed on PBL logistical support program for Naval vessel close to completion-availble post 29th June 07. I have 30yrs experience with international project managment - refits, new builds and production engineering. If you wish to contact me stewart@ironor.com for my CV/details
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    regarding placement

    hi there,
    i have been working as a project engineer for 4 years in u.a.e. with lots of experience on all kinds of project. if inerest just drop ur message at mechatics@gmail.com
  4. boatguy64
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    I own a boat mfg. co and a fiberglass repair co. in florida, usa. I may be interested. I have over 22 yrs. in mfg experience. And may be interested in a change. Contact me with details. aqualityfg@bellsouth.net
  5. pigpen
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    Desire to work in Dubai

    Versatile and adaptable, young professional with solid background looking to expand career and seek adventure. please contact pigpen.racing@gmail.com
    so I can email my resume.

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