Opinions wanted: High Speed Fiberglass pontoon Boats

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by johnboat75, Feb 21, 2009.

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    It sound more a propaganda for your product than an opinion.
    Could you post on the right topic of this forum: Market and other stuff for sale.
    Since you don't care about the DESIGN opinion, but the BUYER opinion and their money, I don't see the relevance with design.
    Thank you
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    That was last century Daniel, I guess they are not watching this thread any longer.
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    Yeap, you right, I never check the posted date!
    Oh well, the pontoon business must not have been very good I suppose :D
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    Better Look a little Closer to what A& M builds !

    They don't build anything that even comes close to what we build ! Nor do our pontoons look or are not close to the same size or shape !Yes Lightning Power Boats Dose build alot of Splashes ,Sorry to say but Catamaran Coaches Has never came CLOSE to building a Splash or Copy of any one or any bodys boats !! We are happy to send any one that Can't afford one of our boats to A&M,there prices are much lower than ours,we tell any customer to look at everyones boats be for buying,judge everyone befor spending your Hard earned money,its the only smart thing to do !
    One things the same about Lightning power Boats and Catamaran coaches,we have over 65% of our customers have bought 2 or more of our boats,Theres only one reason for that !
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    As far as is there a market, pontoons are by far the most common boat on the inland lakes here in Michigan with top speeds and price tags climbing rapidly over the last 5-10 years, V8 I/Os are not uncommon any more. As they've become faster and able to run for cover with weather changes people are heading further out into the Great lakes fishing them than in the past also. You mentioned drawing less water than an aluminum pontoon with your boats, is this on plane or at rest? My assumption was that a F/G 2 tube pontoon would be significantly heavier than a 2 tube aluminum pontoon of similar dimensions and draw more water off plane. I ask this question as I’m early in the process of designing a high speed shallow draft pontoon to build for myself as a one off and shallow water performance (<18” total daft at 5 knots and moderate load is my target) at low speed is high on my wants list. Believing F/G is a lot heavier I’ve been thinking along the lines of an aluminum cat hull built using aircraft style construction and metal forming techniques to get a strong and light structure with decent aero above the water line. If your F/G is in the same ballpark weight wise, it would allow me much more styling flexibility than ALM towards my goals.

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    We custom built Fiberglass Pontoons in Bradenton Florida, they are great ,perfect for salt water .
    we built fiberglass Pontoons the looks just like the aluminum Pontoons and they perform way better
    Rsfiberglassconcept com
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