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    jiayuan New Member

    Hi everyone,

    this is the first time i am posting a thread on boat design.net forum. I know you guys are all serious about your boat passion and that is why I have chosen to post a thread on your forum.

    I am a Singaporean, Hong Kong based Product Design student currently engaged in a boat design project. And I am hoping I can get some insights from your experiences and expertise.

    My aim at this point is to design a self-sustaining and self-service boat resort mainly for relaxation purposes. In the context of a tourism opportunity in South East Asia where most countries are surrounded by water. It will be a design consisting of a dock (acting as the 'lobby' of the resort) capable of holding at least 10, 25ft boats and boats acting as the rooms of the resort.

    Firstly, self-sustaining meaning a cultivation being maintained onboard (at this point, hydroponics as method of cultivation) so to allow patrons to cook and prepare meals from sustainable sources on sea for a couple of days.

    Secondly, I am not able to decide on the hull design of this boat. Would a regular yacht V hull with stabilisers be apt or a catamaran design be more apt.

    Thirdly, I have in mind to incorporate either 1. photography 2. cooking 3. fishing on this boat. If you have any input on the kind of issues you face onboard while doing these activities would be great.

    I am really in need of some good advice and not anything sarcastic or degrading remarks as I am very serious about this post and hope to get the same respect I have for this forum.

    And please keep in mind this is a conceptual design.

    Looking forward to positive replies.

    Thank you very much for your valuable feedbacks.

  2. yipster
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    yipster designer

    First: Welcome to the forums Yiayuan! Way back i also started as a product designer
    If i read rite you start with a whole marina resort, and why not think big ;)
    Perhaps the fuelup, office, snacks and bar with pool on land facing the boats
    You can use various type boats from 9 to 15 meter to let for living, check local laws tho
    Rent empty berths out as well to see how other boaters live, eat, fish drink and sleep
    Yah, a nice marina saint a bad idea, you need a crane, workshop boatlifts and and

    But correct me if you envision something else..
  3. jiayuan
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    jiayuan New Member

    Hi Yipster,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. :)
    There are so many points in your reply I can think about! Other than those things happening on the dock, would there be anything that can be onboard the boat itself?
    Im just afraid that the boat project may turn out to be just another stylised boat.
  4. jiayuan
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    jiayuan New Member

    How would i go about choosing the type of hull for a pontoon?

    Hi All,

    Ive been searching and looking, trying to understand a little about boats and the types of boats that exists.

    There's just a million and one types of boats and combinations of hulls and motors and etc.

    Ive decided on using a Pontoon Boat as it will allow me the most space for this boat-room design.

    However, I have trouble seeing the difference between all the different types of pontoons. The attachments shows two different shapes in the pontoons.

    How do I determine which one i should choose and are there any other types of pontoons?

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  5. HakimKlunker
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    HakimKlunker Andreas der Juengere

    Your task is perhaps easier when you consider that regular resort guests are non-boaters. Real boaters want real boats. Making money with charter is usually an illusion.
    So I suggest to concentrate a little more on decoration, life style and entertainment. The 'boats' actually do not need to move much and perhaps a house boat concept is the way to go: they do not need expensive engines, rigging and electronics.
    One point to observe as well is safety - especially fire hazard and drowning. Dead guests do not pay their bill...
  6. CBD Boat Design
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    CBD Boat Design Junior Member

    Nice idea

    In my usual work I have been working on custom boats projects, some of them as houseboats.
    Now I'm starting a new personal project as a freelancer.
    I propose an idea, for my new project I need to advertise my services.
    If you want i can do a free design for you. I need a projects for advertise my services in Internet and i will like work in your project.
    If you are interested in the proposal please contact me to customboatsdesign@gmail.com
  7. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    CBD You should have a web-site.
    The forum is not really a promotional platform, although if you use the gallery and you post some nice drawings and good posts, it will be interesting for everyone.
    Don't advertise free design, you look like you don't take yourself seriously. Do that behind closed doors.
    You have 3 posts, that is a little short. Continue posting on threads and read the threads, its interesting and will educate you how you want to propose your services.
    Be part of the forum, don't start to try to use it, you will be loosing a lot of good stuff.
  8. Petros
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    Petros Senior Member

    the choice of the hull form is based on the intended use. If the boat will spend most of its time moored to a dock a simple barge hull is the most efficient and cost effective. A catamarn offers stablity and a large deck area, but does not have as much carry capacity. Of mono hull designs, these have the most below deck volumne and the hull lines will vary as to design speed, seaworthyness and propoulsion method.

    If you intend to make the "boats" just floating accommodations, go with a simple mono-hull or barge like hull. If the intention is the guests will be able to take the boats out of the marina and go sigh seeing along the coast, than a more efficient shape will be desired and preferably with a shallow draft. speed is not as important (and perhaps an undesirable) considerations, so displacement mono hulls would be the best choice.

    Good luck with your project.

  9. CBD Boat Design
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    CBD Boat Design Junior Member

    Hull form

    Hi, if the boat is a "fixed" part of the complex that only navigates a little time in a quiet waters, the best option for a hull is a catamaran, is more stable than monohull and more cost efficience. Which material do you like for the hull, Fiber glass, aluminium, steel... I think that in this case the best material for reduce the manteniance cost is the GRP. The material determines the ponton type. Other cuestion is the conection of the boat services with the complex.
    How do you conect the waste tanks of the boat?
    In my opinion you need a special mooring system, easy, not for a professionals and quickly. This system can have all services connection.
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