Opinions of the Seafarer 24? possible solid coastal cruiser?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by souljour2000, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Havent been in here for awhile..... PAR...it's great to see you back...anyways...i'm wondering.....Is anyone familiar with Seafarer 24's much? Mine's a '71 model. It has bronze turnbuckle fittings that are possibly the original ones though it seems doubtful after almost 40 years of service that they could be in their apparently good condition...
    Btw...What are some of our opinions on bronze these days for coastal work?...Seems bronze high resistance to corrosion might offset the lesser loading strength( and more frequent replacement of faster corroding stainless steel fittings)..I suspect many of you would advise replacing the bronze .It does have ss steel tangs down the sides holding the shrouds ( which I'm examining) and the boat has a very solid feel for a 24-footer and displacement is at around 3900 lbs with 1000 lbs of lead faired into the centerline and the other 340 lbs of ballast faired into a seemingly thin but aerodynamic centerboard (swing keel). Just curious if any of you have owned one or have any opinions on them in general.

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