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Discussion in 'Materials' started by JonathanLoefgre, Mar 26, 2008.

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    JonathanLoefgre Ïndustrial designer

    Hi Im an industrial design student that doesn´t really have experience of the marine buisness. Im intressted of getting a feel for what kind of different relations people have to different materials when talking about marine usage.

    It woulde be real nice if you could just give a breif of your relationship to the material mentioned below. For example ugly, durable, smells nice, visual aspects, heavy etc. No long answers needed.

    Hope you guys can share your experience with me! thanks // Jonte

    stained wood=
    Carbon Fibre=
    Flexiteek, tekdek etc=
    Kork flooring=
    syntetic leather=
    Real leather=
    stanless steel=
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    white oak,yellow pine,,marine ply,mahogony,longliner
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    Teak= very nice stuff, expensive, wears well

    Mahogany= not as nice as teak but good enough,

    stained wood= color is color, subjective decision,

    birch= interior cabinetry

    oak= strong, heavy, wears well, different flavors have different abilities to withstand rot.

    Bamboo= not qualified to comment

    Carbon Fibre= light, stiff, expensive, doesn't take shock well,

    Flexiteek, tekdek etc= ?

    Kork flooring= nice stuff in the correct applications, unsure how it handles moisture

    syntetic leather= standard upholstery material, ranges in quality from barely acceptable to pretty damn good, you get what you pay for

    Real leather= top notch, generally expensive, wears very well, superior to synthetic in almost all aplications, requires a modest amount of maintence for maximum life but still long lived with no care.

    stanless steel= nice but not the miracle alloy some people think it is, somewhat unreliable, pretty good though

    Alunimun= has a lot going for it, light, actually better than stainless for many applications, some electrolisis issues, good stuff

    You left out some biggies, bronze, monel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, fir, fiberglass

    As a craftsman it is always nice to do quality work with quality materials
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