Operating Cost of 70' Steel Fishing Vessel?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by CatBuilder, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. CatBuilder

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    Of course... I thought there was a typo. Multiplying the numbers you gave by the distance traveled in that same hour (by 9 in the case of 5.2 liters) is much more in line with figures I've been seeing. Thanks.
  2. apex1

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    Not at all. As I said:

    find the boat, then we can guess.
  3. CatBuilder

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    Sorry, I don't understand what more information is required. I gave you all the dimensions of the boat and pictures of the underwater profile above... is there more needed to make the guess? Dry weight? Please let me know and I will supply all the data required.


    Also, I am now coming up with prices of $5000 or so in one direction to move the Malahide between the same locations at 7kts.

  4. apex1

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    We are talking just out of the blue sky here.
    There was no boat shown which we could discuss, just several different examples without any data.
    And even then I would not discuss them.
    you have to find a boat that fits your bill, then discuss if it is worth thinking further.

    What is it worth to make estimations for a 150 tonnes boat witha Cummins KTA 19, when you buy a 120 tonnes one with a Lugger of twice the power?

    If my Malahide Trawler is already in the 5000$ consumption range on your trip, you may safely guess, that a commercial fishing boat will be substantially above that.
    As I said before, they are often powered much north of what you need.
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