OpenVSP !!! for rapid hydrofoiling geometry creation

Discussion in 'Software' started by gigi, Oct 12, 2013.

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    gigi Junior Member

    Searching web for free modeler-mesher to use with APAME and/or PANUKL (free 3d panel codes) I found this OpenVSP modeler.

    I used it for an hour, and I have to say I am simply amazed! For someone interested in hydrofoils, it doesn't get better then OpenVSP! ( at least for conceptual design creation). You get to define geometry (dihedral, sweep. twist, foil section...) with slide buttons, and see result immediately.

    Best of all it is FREE, open source, and initially developed by NASA! for rapid aircraft modeling.

    Seems to have lots of export options for different CAD and CFD formats.

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    Remmlinger engineer

    If there is no answer yet, then I want to say at least thank you for the link.
    I found it helpful.
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