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    I have decided after 4 years++ the boat i want to build.

    I will from today start it...

    I don't even expect the boat to be prefect, or win races...
    I just want a fast racing type, that i can solo/2 person sail
    long distances.

    So i want a 30' boat, built like a open40 type. Open 30....
    (don't care about the state of the class)

    So here is what i have so far....

    Here is one i like, but i don't think he can sale the plans with the wing mast, its a prod. boat.

    Wing mast
    Keel system that i can raise/lower (shallow water sailing)
    water ballast 4 positions.
    Flip up twin rudders

    I have building experiance in pre preg carbon, i plan
    on building this boat with UV cure E-glass/Vinyl ester
    pre preg.

    If someone has experience in designing open class racing boats, that would like to own one let me know. You design it, i'll build the first boat, then let
    you use the molds i make for your boat. USA designers.
    Split mold build, female, vacuum bag.....

    More to come after i find a designer........
  2. open30
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    open30 New Member

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    Fanie Fanie

    Hey Open,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Is the type of boat you're looking to build an open and close case... :D or are you prepared to look a bit further ?

    If you're looking for speed you may want to look at a multihull. There are some very nice ones and yes, they are more work than a single hull, but their worth will be more also. Other advantages also...

    It's just a suggestion, it is you that will have to walk the walls of your boat :D
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