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Discussion in 'Software' started by mar.ste, Aug 23, 2016.

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    I've seen a big list of suggested software to help in design/simulate/build/etc., but for the sample I've tried to follow they were mostly commercial ones.

    Question is if there is a list dedicated to Open Source tools.

    Sub-optimal but still usable can be freeware software, or free for non commercial use (suboptimal because Open Source can be extended/modified if required and usually is evolving much faster).

    I think it will be very useful for the many people that "play" in this field as hobby or researchers or students (and not only).
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    there are free software.
    One of them is FreeShip+ 4Lazarus
    Open source, binaries for Linux 64bit and for Windows.

    You can download it from here

    FREE!ship Plus in Lazarus is further development of the FREE!ship Plus (by ) Windows program with free source code FREE!ship v3.x under license GNU GPL. This FREE!ship Plus application is migrated into free open source Lazarus / Free Pascal environment to promote further development in various platforms and for various platforms (OS and architectures).

    FREE!ship Plus is designed for the full parametric analysis of resistance and power prediction for a ship and other calculations of hydrodynamics of vessels and underwater vehicles. FREE!ship Plus allows the designer to simulate and analyze condition of balance of a complex hull - rudders - keels - engine - propellers in different regimes and of service conditions of a ship. The analyzable system includes a hull, appendages, a propeller and the engine (i.e. resistance, power, a thrust and a torque), and also various service conditions (heaving, a wind, a shallow-water effect, a regime of tow / pushing, etc...) refer to for full description.
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