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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by lancemansell, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. lancemansell
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    lancemansell Junior Member

    hey dantnz

    thanks for taking interest in my design/ build i will be updating my blogg regularly though out the process.
    i will utilise the material i can get cheap or for free but looks like it will be nomex/foam ,carbon. i know that this inst cheap material but i have found a boat builder that has closed down and is selling materials cheap.

    a lot of people down here have built new 8.5m trimarans and cats in tortured ply and they are some of the fastest boats. but i have come across this cheap carbon and its over kill having 400g carbon on plywood so im going with lighter foam core to make it stiffer.
  2. lancemansell
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    lancemansell Junior Member

    hi dean
    i have 400g CDB carbon maybe nomex core top sides foam decks and hulls.
    float volume will be over 200% but i don't want to make them to big, i will update this on my blogg when im happy with the floats.
    will have a central centerboard with float rudders.

  3. Silver Raven
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    Gooday Lance. I figured that with all you experience & the chaps - over there - you'd be much better asking in your own - back-yard. It might be possible that if you had combined the first 2 posts - with all that extra info - people possibly would have understood where you were coming from, but that's you call. That's not negative at all. You've got Borderling, Boo Boo, Samin, Gary Baigent, the 2 Tims & a dozen other - really smart sailors - right in your area - so why not ask them - 2 things about that - 1/ the worst they can say is no - they wont help you - & I don't believe that for 1 moment - 2/ If you ask a very busy person - he'll find time to help you. Bet on that.

    TimW - 'timberwolf' might just be a great place to discuss c/b's either in the main hull or in the 'float' hulls & whether 'C' or 'S' foils - angled in & rocking forward & if he thought a foil on the rudder(s) - might be worth the go.

    What about 'canting' mast - I think you might learn a bit from 'Borderline' casue that sure seems to have a lot going for it & doesn't cost to much money - from what I can understand.

    If you start - all the 'planning' from before you start anything else - you'll get all the 'fabulous' refinements linked-in at the very beginning & have a state of the art boat - not all that time - money & effort & be well & truely - off-the-pace. Your call of course. Great success to you - dedicated research will win in the long run - I suspect, but then I've only built a few over the last couple of years. Ciao, james

    Thje 'story' goes - when Tim had - a guy - out on 'Timberwolf' fore some advice - the bloke said - 'to heavy' plus a few other things. so why not start with the 'engine-room' then put the hulls underneath the 'power-house. A 'canting' light weight 'wing-mast' - some 'S' foils - like on NZ (AC72) - a 'T' foil on the rudder blades & infusion molded & heat-cured - less weight - more power - more fun. Takes a bit longer to build but for every minute on the water you'll have 20 times more fun - looking back at the others trying to catch you.

    If you don't think I've got any knowledge to off - just don't bother answering - I'll try really hard to learn how to cope with the rejection. Ciao, james
  4. lancemansell
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    lancemansell Junior Member

    thanks for expressing your ideas.

    cheers lance
  5. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    Dont forget there is a minimum weight of 900 kg.

  6. Stumble
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    Stumble Senior Member

    The thing about minimum weight is you can always come back later and epoxy some lead into the hull but its really hard to remove it once its there. So better to make everything as light as possible, and come back and bring it up to weight where the weight hurts you the least.

  7. SpiritWolf15x
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    SpiritWolf15x Senior Member

    This thread is relevant to my interests.

    Any update on progress?
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