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    The new Finot (Generali) has passed yesterday the capsizing test. The new Farr (Paprec-Vibrac) has done the same some weeks ago (video).

    Many new boats will make the next Vendee Globe a very special one, with new boats from all the major designers.
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    There is a rubber sheet around the keel base? I think I can spot the edge of the red sheet, but probably not because that would mean it isn't faired into the hull. Is there a diamond shaped recess in the hull for the sheet to fit inside?
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    yes great formula one sailing
    i had the pleasure and I think, honour of meeting Isabelle Autissier, in Auckland at one AA function a few years back, what a great sailor, IMO, the best
    i also did some work for a Robin, someone or other, English guy living and sailing from Carolina somewhere. his boat was awful but he was a fine seaman
    I remember he had no money, the rudder stock extension was made of tube, , (it was essential in steering the boat, had sheered, I re did the lot and also made a solid vang for him, off he went chasing the fleet, his posts were hilerious, he was always getting knocked down, nothing worried him, His boat was modified Hunter
  4. lazeyjack

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    Aa 98

    met these guys, Davies was the guy from Carolina,
    Soldini is one funny man , we cracked up at hsi winners speech in Auckland

    Giovanni Soldini Fila Flag of Italy Italy 116 days
    Marc Thiercelin Somewhere Flag of France France 130 days
    Josh Hall Gartmore Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Dismasted Leg 3
    Fedor Konioukhov Modern U/Humanities Flag of Russia Russia Retired Leg 2
    Mike Golding Group 4 Securitas Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Retired Leg 2
    Isabelle Autissier PRB Flag of France France Sank Leg 3
    Sebastian Reidl Project Amazon Flag of Canada Canada
    Class 2: 40 to 50 feet
    Jean Paul Mouligne Cray Valley Flag of France France 132 days
    Michael Garside Magellan Alpha Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 138 days
    Brad van Liew Balance Bar Flag of United States United States 150 days
    Viktor Yazykov Wind of Change Flag of Russia Russia 168 days
    Neil Petersen Flag of South Africa South Africa 195 days
    Minoru Saito Shuten Dohji II Flag of Japan Japan 203 days
    Neil Hunter Paladin II Flag of Australia Australia 216 days
    Robin Davie South Carolina Flag of United States United States Disqualified Leg 2
    George Stricker Rapscallion III Flag of United States United States Retired Leg 2
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    The next race will be the "Calais Round Britain Race". This one is not a solo race. Each boat is crewed by 5 sailors.

    The last edition had 7 boats racing. In this one they expect 13 boats, half of them new boats;) .
    It will be interesting to see how the "old ones" compare with the new ones.

    There are several new Farr boats, a new Finot a new Owen and Clarke and probably the new Verdier (and company).

    "The third edition of the Calais Round Britain Race promises to be decidedly animated on a number of levels: the announced line-up, the diversity of the architects represented, the confrontation between the proven names on the Imoca circuit and the new prototypes. Given the complexity of the 1850 mile course around the British Isles, through maritime traffic, drilling rigs and tidal currents... we're certainly going to see some action!

    Eleven to thirteen boats is the line-up announced for the Calais Round Britain Race, which is symbolic of the importance of this opening event in the 2007 Imoca calendar! This is highlighted by the fact that over half the 60 foot monohulls will be brand new prototypes setting off on their first offshore race... Added to this are architects like the American firm Farr Yacht Design, the English Owen Clarke Design and the French Finot Group, which will measure their new machines against the proven forces from the previous generations of Marc Lombard, Finot-Conq, Far rand Owen-Clarke. The confrontation is therefore a significant one for these crews who, for the first time, will really have the opportunity to analyse the true potential of this fleet, on a course mixing upwind, downwind, light airs and strong breeze, tidal current and the effects of land".

    some of the new boats:

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  6. Vega
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    PRB is leading the “Calais Round Britain” race.

    The Round Britain race is “A combination of an offshore race and a coastal regatta: a diverse, 1850 mile course” and it is raced around the British Islands. It is a race for Open 60’s and this year there are 11 of them racing (9 last year), many of them new generation boats, designed mainly for the next Vendeé Globe.

    This one is not a solo race; each boat has a crew of five.

    It would be interesting to see how brand new boats like Generali face the competition.

    Two boats have women as Skippers. Britain Race2007/var/stream_playlist/3584.html#

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    Sorry guys, I have too much work:mad: .

    The race finished some days ago. The first to finish was PRB, a Farr designed boat (2007). The second one was Delta Dore, also a Farr design, but an old boat (2003). The third was VM Materiaux, a Marc Lombard design, also an old one (2004).

    The first three boats finished really close, with a difference of less than 7 hours. The PRB had done the race course in 9 days, 7 hours 7minutes.

    Generali, the new Finot design (2007) had a very bad start and was last for some time, but managed to finish on the 5th place. So, not a bad result for an absolutely new boat, but It seems that one needs a lot of wind to race. Perhaps designed too much thinking on the Vendee Globe:D .

    PRB had also beaten the last Douves - Calais record, with 16,53K of average speed;) .

    Meanwhile it has been announced the construction of a new Open 60: The Artemis, a British boat designed by Simon Rogers.

    I wonder how many boats are going to race the next Vendee Globe:)

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  8. Paul B

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    Isn't there a new (2007) Farr designed Delta Dore? Was it not ready in time, so they sailed the old boat?
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    You are right. sorry, my mistake. This Delta Dore is the new boat (2006). The old one (2003) was also competing on this race but is now called Chemineés Poujoulat and was on the back of the race (9 or 10 place).

    It seems that from the old boats only VM Materials ( a Marc Pajot design) was able to keep pace with the new boats. VM Materials even lead the race for a day:cool:

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    To be fair to Stamm, he just stepped off of his old boat that he sailed in the Velux 5-O onto this "new to him" boat and has not had any time to sort it. Also it really was a light airs race and the newer boats are very powerfull. Their advantage may not be so great in the southern ocean.
    Right now it is looking like around 27 boats for the Vendee. I am sure the Barcelona World Race will prune those down a little?

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    The first pre-enrolled list had already 19 entries...and we are yet a long time from the event (2008);)

    To all that like not only Open 60s but any kind of Ocean sail racing, take a look here:

    You are not going to be disappointed (free magazine) and a good one, full of interesting articles and great pictures.

    Take a look at this one: An Open 60 overtaking a Ferrie.

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