Only One Boat Meets My Screen?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by sailorpatriot, Feb 7, 2010.

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    sailorpatriot New Member

    I must be doing something wrong! I've tried to construct a selection set that fits my perceived needs but can only find one production boat to choose from. Obviously I srewed up somewhere.

    I'm not a professional but do have a degree in chemical engineering with enough vector mechanics courses to understand the basics, enough to be dangerous anyway. I've read alot on this site over the last year and finally, after not getting anywhere, ask for your help.

    My boat screen is:

    Demonstrated blue water circumnavigation boat of commensurate quality.
    Year < 10 years old
    LOA: 40-46' I will single-hand alot
    Disp ~< 35,0000 #
    PHRF ~<115 or eqivalant TCF, prefer < 100. I don't want a slow boat but not a racer either.
    Draft ~< 7.0'
    Rig sloop/cutter prefer sloop
    SA ~<1,000 ft2
    D/L > 212
    Comfort > 30.0 prefer >35
    Capsize < 1.80
    Roll Acc < 0.0800 prefer < .0600. This eliminates alot of boats but I think its important
    V hull > 8.0 knots

    I can find only one boat! Najad 440/441/460?

    Help! Where am I going wrong?

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    Hi Bill, welcome aboard the forum.

    You seem to be a numbers guy, which can be a good thing but can also lead to some trouble when boat shopping. Production builders aren't particularly consistent in how they report their numbers. For example:
    - Many will grossly underestimate the displacement, citing the "fresh from the factory" light-ship condition instead of the half-full tanks, heaps of gear included figure.
    - Not everyone uses the same standards for computing D/L, motion comfort ratio, roll acceleration, etc. (a large part of this stems from inconsistent ways of reporting displacement)

    There's certainly no shortage of 40 to 46' offshore cruisers of 35,000 lb or so. I suspect you'll have better luck in your hunt if you back off from the numbers game for a moment. Don't put tight constraints on any ratios or screening values just yet- take the full set of 40 to 46 foot offshore cruisers. Scratch the ones that obviously can't be single-handed or clearly aren't acceptable for some other reason, and scratch the ones that are sure to be outside your budget. Now see where the remaining boats fall with regards to your other criteria. You should be left with at least half a dozen boats that are close enough to be worth investigating.

    Best of luck with the hunt.....
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