Online calculation sheet (Floatig Position) now translated in english

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    The sheet intends no professional use or comparison with professional software.
    In forums is sometimes to observe, that the hydrostatics of a boat are not well understood. (The key for understanding ist often to watch simple examples.)

    The calculation sheet shows in diagrams and values the behavior of a boat.
    (For now, there are only the data of one boat hull available.)

    The sheet is a kind of "beta", remarks and error reports are welcome.

    The "i"-Buttons must be clicked to show more information.

    The hull of the boat is numerically divided in an array of up to 90,000 vertical "sticks", about 7 mm by 14 mm each.
    For each stick the sheet calculates the depth of immersion, its center of buoyancy, the resulting moments and so on.

    The origin of the boat fixed co-ordinates (x, y, z) is at aft perpendicular, which is for our purposes located at the after most part of the hull. The origins vertical position is likewise chosen to prevent negative values.

    The longitudinal co-ordinates (x) increase in the bow-direction. The transversal ones (y) are zero at midships plane, positive towards the portside of the vessel and negative towards starboard. The vertical co-ordinates (z) are increasing upwards.

    The second, earth fixed system of co-ordinates (xi, eta, zeta) has the same origin, but the zeta-direction is the direction of the forces of weight and buoyancy.
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