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    Stephens Waring posted an interview with Steve Van Dam and Ben Van Dam of Van Dam Custom Boats, father and son builders of high end custom boats in wood who are located in Boyne City, Michigan.
    Stephens Waring Yacht Design | What Ben and Steve Have To Say About Boatbuilding.
    Van Dam Boats

    Van Dam's ideas on design trends in the boats they build are interesting.

    Give us your sense of the design trends in the boats you are building?

    Ben: I am the worst person on trends. We recognize a trend and then react to that. We think the contemporary Italian style is important now. You go fast and have a retro look.

    Steve: It’s all about the change in customers. We look at it who our clients will be in 20 years. We are still trying to predict that. We are talking to them. What seems to be emerging is an extremely contemporary story, with a bit of a retro nibble. We are not seeing interest in classic boats with elements of the 1920’s or 1930’s.

    I watch the car world a lot. People are looking at the 50s and 60s. They get inspiration from the auto world. Those are the kind of vehicles that gives us a hint: Right now it is hot cars and muscle cars. Boats tend to live in that nostalgia. I see that timeframe having sway right now.

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