On center or Off center mount

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by rasorinc, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    Ready to cut out and glue up transom for 2 outboards. Main engine is 60hp
    and kicker is 9.8 hp both 4 stroke 20" legs. The hull is 8'wide x 28' and the aft 10.5' is a flat dory hull V ing as you go forward to 3/12 then to 6/12 then to 9/12 pitch 3' aft of the bow.
    The 60 is 16.4" wide with a 16.1" swing each way. The 9.8 is 14.4" wide with a swing of 13" each way. Boat will be used for long river cruises on US rivers and lakes and is a live aboard for several weeks at a time.
    Should I center the 60 hp and mount the kicker off to one side or center both based on 1/2 of the combined weight or some other formula?
    Both engines will have equal use as I am in no hurry and have to watch my fuel use. Want best fuel usage and and power usage (performance ) and controls are mounted inside the cabin. Never have owned outboards before only inboards. Thanks much for any assistance. Forgot to mention the transom tilts 14* a 3/12 pitch.
  2. gonzo
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    I would install the main motor in the center and put batteries on the opposite side of the kicker for balance.
  3. kapnD
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    How about mounting the kicker on a raise/lower bracket on the back of the main OB so they are both on the centerline and steer by the same mechanism?

  4. Mr Efficiency
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    You don't want an outboard running behind any kind of obstruction, I'd be thinking of using your dead main engine to steer when the "kicker" is supplying the go-forward, and have it locked into the dead-ahead position. Obviously it won't work for tight manoeuvres, but for general travel it will.
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