OMC / SBC Engine Electronics Question

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by Galaxie_406, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Being that I have no actual wiring schematic for the engine and the local boat shop went out of business (What do expect? I live in the middle of the desert). I have tried to figure out what a specific electronic part on my engine did or does. Basically it's a OMC 260 V-8 (SBC) built in 1979 attached to a 800 sterndrive sporting a quadrajet and the old Mallory YF marine point distributer. This part is located on the intake manifold just behind the back of the carb bolted along with my throttle cable bracket, looks like some kind of CDI? anyone have an idea? it's not the coil.. it's black attached to a bracket and has transistors and a circuit board. I plan to modernize the ignition with the HEI Voyager system and wondering if I can do away with the unit or could it be wired in as a safety of sorts like a RPM Governor.
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