OMC Correct routing for tilt/trim hydraulic lines??

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    1986 4.3 OMC Cobra
    Recent purchase
    The two line that go from the tilt/trim to the port behind the transom plate were leaking.
    Pulled engine as I needed to installed new long block anyway.
    Both lines appear to have been rubbed and pinched by the coupler.
    Replaced both lines and ran them the same as the old ones--which appears to be the only option. The lines basically set between the exhaust"Y" outlet and the coupler.
    Put new engine in and it appears the coupler will rub on them.

    Would someone know the correct routing , or better yet a photo?

    The photo shows how I ran the lines. Which was the way the old ones were ran--but also ended up leaking. Also note that original lines were braided stainless , which were used from 1986 to 1989. The replacement ones are not.
    Thanks for any help

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