Old School trawler look on Devlin Dipper 16

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Chaps, Feb 28, 2015.

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    I was looking for a small trailerable trawler for fishing and James Jones was selling a hull with primary bulkheads installed. If you know stitch and glue, you know that your 1088 is bent around them and it is pretty hard to have a hull without them. Devlin's site, in the gallery section still has James Jones listed as owner and has pictures show how far he took it.

    I chose this design, because I like the way the dipper seems overbuilt and rugged for her size.

    But I wanted a bit more of an old school look to her deck house. Attached is a progress photo.

    My forward deckhouse bulkhead is laminated in a curve and incredibly strong. I see why old trawlers were built that way.

    If not for resent military deployments, I would be done...

    I hope you enjoy the photo. I will send angles and what the inside looks like if anyone is interested.

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  2. Chaps
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    The end result

    I took Devlin's plan and lost the widened lower pilothouse trunk so I could have a walk around deck without walking on the trunk. I widened the pilothouse a few inches so I would not loose all that space. There is now room for some bulwarks which are not shown in the picture I previously posted.

    Here is a scan of the profile that I colorized on photoshop. When I was at sea, and could not work on my boat, I doodled on my computer.

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  3. Jed Clampett
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    great work on your dipper

    Hello Chaps, i very much like your redesign of the dipper. I have been looking for 2 years now for a cabin design for my 19 ft double ender. I was down to 2 designs, the northcoaster by tad roberts and the dipper 16 through 22 ft by sam devlin. May i please have any additional info or photos of your boat?

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    Looks like you're think'in about troller not trawlers.
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