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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by steveo-nz, Oct 5, 2008.

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    Bouzaid jr. in Sweden

    Chris Bouzaid, as previously mentioned, winner of the one-ton cup with the Carter designed pivot-keel Wai-in-taka was in Sweden about early -80. The Hood loft in Smögen needed support. His son Bouzaid Jr. 7 years old supported his doings. My brother Carl worked as a sailmaker at that loft. Boosted by the Wave-rider HT victories by his uncle Tony the youngster Bosuzaid Jr, was hot stuff for the chicks. My brother Carl tried to restrain Jr. but to this date the inabitans of Smögen, Sweden discuss their Bouzaid origin.
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    booster Senior Member

    mystery boat again?

    I got this photo from MYD (see earlier post on this thread). A quarter-tonner, but who is the designer?
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    That is one sweet looking boat. However, The real question is "How in the world does it balance on it's keel , like that?"

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    Keel and rudder shape indicate a Davidson. When my Ben Lexcen quarter tonner is on the slips the contact area for the keel and the bottom of the slips is about 50mm x 50mm. Have to prop the front up to secure it.
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    Booster, Chris Bouzaid took the OTC in S&S Rainbow 11 - he later sailed the Carter Waianiwa in OTC, sistership to Ydra - but I don't think he won in Waianiwa, Ydra was fastest but didn't win either - was it Stormy Petrel? Paul?
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    Looking to Contact Axel Mohnhaupt, a German designer of Q-tonners and Bavaria boats ! Can anyone help ? Roy Cundiff
  7. Paul B

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    Axel is on the ORC Club Working Group. So the US Chief Measurer for ORC, Dan Nowlan of US Sailing, should be able to get you in touch.

    Dobbs Davis (dobbs "at" orc.org) is the Press Officer for ORC, so he should be able to help as well.
  8. Paul B

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    1969 OT Cup was won by Chris Bouzaid sailing Rainbow II.

    1970 ?

    1971 OT Cup sailed in NZ was won by Syd Fisher sailing Stormy Petrel.

    1972 OT Cup sailed in Sydney was won by Chris Bouzaid sailing Wai Aniwa, after the faster Ydra broke her headstay.

    1973 OT Cup sailed in Porto Cervo was won by Ydra after the faster Ganbare was penalised for rounding a mark in the long distance race in the wrong direction.
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    More info from MYD regarding mystery-boat:
    Located in Sweden but probably built in Denmark or England, probably year 1989 (seems late Boosters comment). Length ca 8,0, beam 2,65 draft ca 1,6 and displacment 1,5 ton. The boat is built in epoxy and carbonfiber, titan in most metal parts.
  10. Paul B

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    Come to think of it, 1970 must have been Ted turner sailing the S&S Lightnin'. That is the design that was later used for the Yankee 38 production molds, which later became the Catalina 38.

    Lightnin' was aluminum hull with a blister deck. She lived in Long Beach Marina in the mid-late 70s, but never seemed to go out. It looked like whoever owned her kept her in immaculate shape, to sit at the dock.
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    Looks like there is a crane in the upper right corner.
  12. Chris249
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    There was no 1970 Cup, and it wasn't won by Lightning (which never did the OTC AFAIK). I think that was because of the change to IOR and the fact that the Cup had to go down to the Southern Hemisphere once Bouzaid won it, which involved switching seasons.
  13. Pelle
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    Pelle Naval Architect

    That could be a Tony Castro design. I think a couple of boats designed as a development of the MG26 was built in Denmark around that time.
    Edit: The coachroof is probably a later addition....I don't think the original was that high
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    Tony Castro?

    CRM, Ramona, Woudaboy and Pelle!
    Regarding mystery boat. Yes, it is a sweet looking boat. I really like it. The bow angle seems to steep ("litet överhäng i fören" in Swedish) to be a Davidson. The rather fast transition down to the forward bow depth station resembles Whiting. But if built in -89 (to drawings of that date) naturally Whiting cannot be the designer. Looks a little like a Andriau-design, but was he that active in quarter-ton design? Looks NZ inspired, perhaps someone of Ron Holland's deciples who wants to design a real NZ-boat. Someone, taking the best from the NZ-ideas, leaving Holland's office, put in a little French-ideas and some of his own. Being the only one taking the one-ton cup in 5 straight wins (Holland second). Yes, perhaps Pelle is right: Tony Castro.

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    HI 2 ALL!
    I'm from Moscow
    The Moscow fleet of QT is about 40 boats.
    The typical project is the Peterson 25. This project known in Russia as Konrad 25 and these boats was building in Polland in 1978-1988.
    Also we have some Russian projects:
    ST-25 from Tallin
    Curier-4 and Curier-7 from St.Petersburg (designed by Sidenko)
    Rikoshet-780 from Moscow
    Some photos of Moscow boats are listed bellow
    the 1st photo is Konrad25 named Skif
    the 2nd photo is Curier-4 named Bars
    the 3rd photo is Rikoshet-780 named Balamut
    the 4th photo is ST-25
    If any one need another photos of Russian boats I can do it

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