Old family boat comes back to life.

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Danny461972, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Danny461972 New Member

    Some decades ago, my father build this boat without any drawing. He shaped it along the way and had a few examples in the harbor to get his ideas. he sold it many years ago.
    He is 70 years old now and I thought is was a nice idea to draw it in 3D so that I can make a beautifull 3D print of it to surprise him. I started today, and made it from a few pictures.

    It's a different way of thinking when you want to draw a printmodel compared to a 1-1 buildmodel in sheet metal.
    Therefore I decided to make a surfacemodel, and from there I will make two drawings. One to build this boat, and one to print this boat in 1-20 scale.

    It's a typical dutch boat, not too fancy when it comes to calculations.

    What do you guys think of this?

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  2. fallguy
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    I like it.
  3. DCockey
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    The hull appears to be very fair, and could be ready to be used to cut a full size mold.

    How much experience do you have with boat design? What software did you use?

  4. Danny461972
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    Danny461972 New Member

    I use Rhino and I'm not a boat designer. I have been following lots of youtube videos and I can ask for help at work. I work for a famous dutch yachtbuilder.

    Every now and then I draw a model just for fun. I joined this forum to learn more about designing hulls.

    At this point I can create cuttings files from a model and have also created a few small and simple 5m aluminium boats that were build by collegues.
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