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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by big-boss, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Just ended up with a 1972 25ft old commercial fish boat. Fiberglass over plywood. No name or tags of any sort. The helm is on the port side if that helps. Has a 4cyl v-drive Isuzu diesel engine. It was gas when original I think. Has a nasty flybridge.
    1. How do I figure out what it is?
    2. How do I figure out how it is to sit in the water? Seems like it sits low in the front.

    I will be taking it out of the water next week, bringing it home clean up and then put it in at Morro Bay. Boat is not worth restoring but will be an easy fix-up to just put around the bay.
  2. TollyWally
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    Good luck with tracking down much of the history of the boat. Was it a documented vessel by any chance?

    Many fish boats go out nosedown empty and come back in dragging thier asses with a full hold. What type of fishery was she designed for? Since you aren't going to be filling her up with fish I'd experiment with trimming her level with a little ballast or moving batteries etc. Is there much heavy gear that you can pull off?
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    have a picture?
    keep giving some info someone will come up with the answer maybe latter than sooner but answers
    how is morro bay haven't worked there in some years
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