Okoume is it oak ?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by yaasaay, Jun 18, 2011.

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    hi guys

    in our region there is kind of wood called oak and when I say Okoume
    people think I mean oak and I don't if I am wrong or they are wrong I don't sure if the name is diffident and oak, Okoume is the same wood

    the question is plywood Okoume is from oak?or there is difference between them ?

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    You're right, Okoumé is not Oak and Okoumé plywood is not from Oak.

    Here some info from Wikipedia for a start: Oak -- Aucoumea klaineana (Okoumé) -- Plywood

    Good luck!
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    Okoume is a very light weight African hardwood. It's not very strong, nor very rot resistant, but pretty and commonly used in Plywood.

    Brown terminalia (Terminalia brassii) is sometimes referred to as Okoume, with a seldom used common name of swamp oak, though it's not an oak, nor is it common in Africa. It's found in the south west Pacific Islands.

    Kondroti (Bombax brevicuspe) is another species that can be called Okoume, though isn't really, but because it grows in Gabon, if often mistakenly called Gaboon (the real Okoume).

    Neither Brown terminalia which is a light to medium brown, open grain species, nor Kondroti, which is a bright red to dark brown species, look anything like Okoume.

    Gaboon (Aucoumea klaineana) is the real Okoume species and ranges in color from a very light tan to a pinkish pale yellow.

    I'd recommend you search through > www.thewoodexplorer.com < for additional information about these and other species.
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