OK.........take a deep breath (adding sail to houseboat?)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by GOTTABSOMEWHERE, Jul 9, 2009.

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    Float Home vs. Houseboat

    Some of you are confusing houseboats with floathomes.

    It's really just a matter of terminology and they will be referred to

    differently in different parts of the world. In North America, a houseboat

    is self propelled and "fair wind" navigable while a floathome is not, it sits

    dock side for years, but may be towed on calm seas.

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    Sailing Houseboats

    Well I guess I really started something !!!

    In addition to the "jerks" that can't do but critizeize]
    there was some rather spirited comments...............

    I thank you all who had constructive comments.......no comments to the "jerks".......it not worth the ink.

    I will continue my quest and maybe extend my search to "WORKBOATS" looking at hulls and engine types. I did read on "DUCKWORKS.COM" of a creative guy who used a big shallow drafted sailboat w/o mast and seagoing electronics, as a river boat............the reason escapes me now. OH I remember..............he wanted a cheapie with all the comforts.
    Like you know..........water tanks, toilet, stove etc. etc.

    I will keep y'all informed...........keep the brain juices flowing...I like it
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    I think about it a lot
    I have noticed that it is often a reaching wind on the Danube in Austria
    I favour a mast each side, in a tabernacle, ony thing is that for an Eu recreational craft the directive sates one must have visability forewards and to each quarter forewards
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    Thats a bit harsh, can't see where anyone behaved like a jerk. I don't know what you guys class as a house boat. The type I am most familiar with are flat bottom vessels that are very clumsy,even under power, used only on inland waterways. When the wind is up you know it, and you go where the wind blows whether you like it or not, mostly sideways, WITHOUT A SAIL.
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    this is ours, at sea it would not be a houseboat, but on the rivers I spose she would be
    given we have long box keel and that we are heavily ballested with lead and have high stabilty, sail, would work
    being able to take the load off the engine, so it is hardly working at all would be great
    given that the boat is heavily built in al al, the masts could be attached to deck and pinned to bulwark top, with a backstay and shroud to cabin roof, with a jib rigged with foot as luff, looses footed and head of sail aft:)) or something like that
    the tankage is designed for crossing Europe, over 2000l fuel
    and we are looking for brokers to help market
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    From strictly practical engineering - I think it is better to make a boat a houseboat, than house a boathouse... Sail is extra ...
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    I missed that one: a "boathouse" is where one stores their boat out of the

    weather (until it snows and collapes).

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    sailing housepoat


    Tried to get back to you today but something didn't work

    Tried to send some pics & etc but ???

    Anything show up ?
    What is your e-mail

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    Handmade Houseboats book is a fun read. It even has partial plans for a wind powered washing machine.
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