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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Boston, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    interesting stuff
    ok well I kinda would like to bring the electrical up to as high a standard as possible
    my inclination would be to run ISO cable everywhere and demo all unused wire fix all superfluous holes up to and including a new dash and new resepticals with both ac and dc in each. I'm kinda nuts about electrical installations being up to snuff. My take on romex is unless its the underground stuff its not rated for abrasive environments, the stuff will rub itself down to bare wires. ISO is far less likely to abraid

    at least in home construction electrical defects are the leading cause of fire

    I've built a few camper trailers and always used ISO and crimp connectors which is the standard for the breed
    RV codes are pretty stiff so I thought I'd apply them to this thing assuming I get it
    I'm still waiting on a response to my latest offer
  2. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member

    ..hey Boston, click onto your links....they do not open mate.....do you still play with selling the sawn timber etc?
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  3. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    not really
    biz was slow and my volume was not what I wanted it to be, The mills still give me a great deal but I was just not able to sell enough

    funny thing is that the lumber I need to work the boat is not what my typical mills sell
    Cyprus, Red Cedar, Wavy Mahogany, Teak
    the stuff I get is more domestic hardwoods
    I can probably find the Western Red at a good price and I'd buy enough to replank that hull a few times over. The Cyprus I can likely get as well. but the Teak and the Mahogany are imports, I'll be paying out the nose for that stuff.

    I'll wait till I get the final on my last offer and then I'll start the search for materials
    one thing at a time though


    ya the links I should just eliminate from my profile

    there is an artist friend of mine who owns a gallery downtown who wants me to put a couple tanks in for sale so I think I'll just do that instead of the online thing

    I always sell better when folks can actually see the product anyway

  4. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Take care Boston,

    rewiring is a time consumer! And done to accepted standards it is not cheap either.
    Been there, done that 12 times, got no T shirt......a PITA
  5. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    I've done my share of wiring, its a pain to fish a few wires but I'll feel a lot better knowing what the condition of every single wire is. That and if I remember ISO is more efficient anyway.

    still no response on my last offer
  6. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ok what should it cost me to place a 36' boat in a yard under a tarp

    the yard were is it just told me they charge 225 to pull it out of the water and a dollar a foot a day so store it on the hard
    tarping and blocking is extra

    seems really steep to me
    except maybe for the pull out
  7. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member

    ...welcome to the world of boats Boston (and expenses).....
  8. Brian@BNE
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    Brian@BNE Senior Member

    Well, when they pull it out there is a hole in the water that has to be filled in, quite an expensive thing to do as all boat owners know. And that's just the beginning.
  9. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    then its twice as expensive to keep it up on the dry stuff
    thats a thousand a month
    I found a few places that were only 300 a month
    so whats these guys doing charging an arm and a leg
    maybe they figure I'm taking it out o there and this is there last chance to bilk the owners or something

    thats nuts

    maybe I should just call the hauling company and find out how much it is to haul it over to the cheaper yard cause no way am I giving those guys that kinda money for dirt

  10. Brian@BNE
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    Brian@BNE Senior Member

    There's only so much dirt next to water, I'm guessing you've just discovered the market forces verdict on what its worth.

    I still think you should help you Denver boss get his business sorted, get your team together and make a lot more hay. Good income while working on a boat is very desireable. You don't want to scrimp when you put the Princess back into shape (is it a done deal yet?) as it always shows and affects resale.
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  11. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Actually recent changes in policy that I had tried to shield my guys from but was finally pressured into passing along have led to ten out of eleven quitting. I had told the office this was not going to go over well but they said they would just hire new guys, there guys all quit as well.

    tonight I suggested I start triage in order to deal with things as best as possible, so I went to a job that was out 75 miles each way. When I arrived I introduced myself, the guy gave me a blank stair, he asked me my name and confirmed I had been the one he had spoken to earlier in the week. His wife and him exchanged glances and with obvious difficulty the guy says " I hate to be the one who tells you this but several people from this company have told me you were fired last Friday.

    I was a bit more than shocked and started asking questions. Turns out he was telling me the truth, not only that but several other customers have been told by various members of the office staff I've been fired.

    I got in late but tomorrow should be interesting

    frankly this company is so screwed up there is really no saving it no mater what superhuman efforts might be forthcoming

    my bet is I have another day or two at best

    my boat acquisition is on hold and frankly I could not be more disappointed

    I was so close

    what I need to do is find another job fast and preserve the savings I have, if not continue to make gains

    I will have to wait to purchase the boat until I absolutely have all needed cash on hand rather than count of anyone else for my financial wellbeing

    unbelievable that this is how I discover my efforts have been so unappreciated
  12. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    what does the company do, you work for?

    I own a 50 acre horse boarding farm so have lots of room to build but no money, this economy sucks
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  13. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    The company did storm damage related insurance repairs. I just got back from turning in the keys to the company truck and a few other things. I guess they are trying to tell me I'm not fired but its BS, they are just looking to scapegoat someone to save there own jobs.

    I'll wait a few days then go have dinner with the owner and explain everything that happened to him job or not

    should be an interesting conversation to say the least

    funny thing is I hired my own guys
    payed em out of my own pocket
    covered em with my own insurance
    and shielded them from the BS so they could actually get some work done
    I was offered not one shred of compensation in return

    so I asked them
    you really want me to try and force these guys to work under your policies
    they all walked

    my fault eh


  14. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    Boston I hope you will find the money soon to pursue your dream.
    Keep going.

  15. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Ok Ive been going over some stuff and maybe I can still make this work
    several of my former employees are offering to hire me

    that and I can sell a few things

    I have enough on hand cash for the yacht and I can put some stuff up for sale and likely rope in another 10K to get it to Seattle and up on blocks
    I would have sold the stuff anyway
    maybe not the trailer but most of it so no big loss

    I need to call tomorrow and find out what it costs to trailer it the 180 miles or so to Seattle

    I also need my guy in that area to be willing to supervise the storage process at the yard

    hoping to stow it for 300 a month which isn't so bad

    I was hoping to buy enough silly bronze fasteners to refasten all but I'll just have to wait till next time I have her out of the water

    things needs a washer dryer a shower and a holding tank on top of the list I already have

    thanks Daniel for the encouragement

    I took the day off and I'm taking tomorrow as well
    baseball game at noon should be fun
    then I'll re evaluate where I'm at

    fortunately these guys are taking there sweet time getting back to me so I have some breathing room


    I got a job lead up in aspen
    I always seem to do well up there so fingers crossed
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