oil hydraulics schematic ideas please

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  1. Dean Smith

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    I am building a power pack
    It,ll drive the ram for the horizontal press for shaping frames and will drive the motor for the plate wheels and or a special set rolls
    I envisage quick couplings
    I will use hose inside the tank so I do not need a removable lid but do it through the motor mtg cutout
    The motor for wheels will be thus
    pump of 6.4cc/rev @ 2000psi and 1450rpm = 2.9 hp 9.3lpm or 2.5 US gal/min)
    motor (from tag 110cc/rev) we will get 76-80 rpm (depending on efficiency) and give 157ftlb of torque at 2000psi
    Now these revolutions are too fast for wheel so I can either sprocket down or use flow valve?
    i have schematic in mind, can anyone draw their ideas, perhaps someone in the industry?
    thanks v muchely
    here is tank and 2.2kw motor I managed to fold the tank and just had the butt weld and top. Maybe will mt on castors to take to each machine

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  2. Poida
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    Usually you have a removable lid for the tank for cleaning. Needs a filler cap of course that is vented so you don't pressurise the tank.

    Now I assume that the pump is under the motor submerged in the oil. A pressure relief valve is sometimes incorporated in the pump setup but if not one will be required on the pressure side.

    These units normally work on an open circuit ie. when the unit is not pressurising a cylinder etc. the oil circulates from the pump through an open valve back to the return pipe.

    The return pipe has to be installed vertically into the tank to within around 50mm from the bottom. It is bad practice to have the return pipe above or near the surface to prevent aerating of the oil. A baffle plate is often placed between the return pipe and the pump to reduce aerated oil getting into the intake and any sediment stirred from the bottom.

    A filter should be installed on the return line as well.

    Because you are using the pump for two different things, it would be better to have the control valves on the machinery rather than on the power unit.

    So for the power unit a pressure hose with a pressure relief valve with a female quick coupling on the end and a return pipe with a filter and male quick coupling.

    Now the other information you have provided only dictates the speed your hydraulic motor is going to run at and the force and speed your ram is going to work at.
  3. Dean Smith

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    thank you Poida
    yes the tank will be clean to start with, I made a few power packs dc for use on yacht winches etc
    Have you got time to draw what you would do? How do you see volume throttling for the motor?
  4. Adler
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    Flow Control


    Try to install that:


    It is the most efficient (cost/pressure drop) flow controller on the market's available.
    Add to that your system could be have the necessary speed control you asked.
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  5. Dean Smith

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    hey Adler
    thanks a lot:) I was about to go to a hydraulics forum.
    Where is Gr are you>?
  6. Adler
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    37° 57' 27" N
    23° 36' 56" E
  7. Dean Smith

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    You are in a very shippy place indeed
    look in you mail box
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Yeah, this looks impressive: Pireas.jpg :eek:
  9. Dean Smith

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    It surely does:)
    But where is the relief valve
    I was Down in Gr in 06 drove down 2 of the 3 peninsulars, but that was as far S. as I made it Next time:idea:

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