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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by ancient kayaker, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    I've nothing against America but by virtue of its size and its foreign policies it gets a lot of comments, for and against. So do various religions and a few other subjects like foreign aid, military activity and so forth.

    So this thread is for all the pro- and anti-Americans and the Americans who feel the need to defend themselves and their country. It's for all who need to correct what they feel are misrepresentations of religion, of foreign aid, of . . . well, anything that isn't about the thread it gets started in.

    Please don't clutter up other threads with their endless arguments. Do it here people! Then post a link here and let the discussions rage on . . .
  2. SamSam
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    Peace and Love man
  4. Boat Design Net Moderator
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    Boat Design Net Moderator Moderator

    Here is a list of many other forums where political topics would be welcome: forum
    (there are many more sites that exist expressly for the purpose of politicking than for discussing boats and boating, so it would be appreciated if some of these many existing political sites are used for political hot topics rather than attracting more political jabbing to this site in general where it becomes a distraction from the focus of the forums here)

    Here is a list of many other forums where religious topics would be welcome: forum
  5. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    I think America is the only country everyone want to be in. But it is a love-hate relation with a lot of people.
    It is the most friendly business (from 1 person to a million employees) country. Everything is designed toward making things easy and quick.
    US has an amazing diversity, every religion, race or whatever is represented.
    It is an continual experiment with its fault and its achievements.
    US always reinvent itself, always moving never still.
    For that it is the best country in the world.
  6. Titirangi

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    The one common example that typifies all things US in perspective thinking is when a sporting competition announces the US winner as world champion even though no other country was represented.
  7. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    You know very well that all country does that, in many way and form. Patriotism in sport is something which has nothing to do with a nation. It is the result of over patriotism.
    Personally I never find sport in any way represent the soul of a nation. I am dead against the olympics games, or other type of games for the mass hysteria feed by TV and other stimulants to make people feel happy and powerful while watching the show
    Rome invented the concept. It still working fine.
    But as I said in my previous post we are good at business, and you seams to agree :p
    I feel the US is no better nor worst than any other country on that field.
  8. dskira

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  9. upchurchmr
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    Since this clearly violates the rules, can you close it?

    I personally don't need any more divisive threads.

  10. troy2000
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    troy2000 Senior Member

    That's a bit unfair. In fact, it's downright unjustifiable and snide. :)

    At the time the World Series was introduced in baseball, this was the only country in the world with professional baseball leagues. In fact, it may have been the only country where baseball was known, period. And some baseball historians say it was called that because it was sponsored and promoted by the 'New York World' newspaper....

    So the World series has well over a hundred years of tradition behind its name. Can you think of any other sporting competition that's exclusively between American teams or athletes, where the winners are dubbed 'world champions' anyway? I can't....
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