Odorless Cheaper Resin Equivalent to Polyester and Epoxy

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mustafaumu sarac, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Is there widely available odorless and cheaper equivalent resin to epoxy or polyester ?
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    Here we go again. Have you ever opened a can of polyester and a can of epoxy and noticed the odor of each? Maybe some practical experience would be best for you . . .
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    Equivalent properties, odorless, and cheaper. No.

    "epoxy or polyester" are types of resins.

    There are three basic types of resins.

    Polyester resin is cheap and has a strong smell. It's usually used to layup fiberglass in a mold and bonds well to itself (air inhibited so the next layer can bond while it's still "wet") Polyester doesn't adhere very strongly to other materials, such as wood. Polyester usually has a gelcoat layer for finish and water resistance.

    Vinylester resin is another type. It is more expensive than polyester. It reduces some issues such as micro-fracturing and water intrusion with better properties.

    Epoxy is much more versatile. It doesn't have a strong odor. It sticks very well to many materials, foams, wood, etc. It is expensive. There is a range of prices. Good formulations have better properties for the use, the right viscosity to wet out cloth, non blushing, etc. Epoxy needs UV protection (paint).

    This is a good read:
    Marine Composites by Eric Greene http://www.ericgreeneassociates.com/images/MARINE_COMPOSITES.pdf

    And so is this:
    SP Systems Guide to Composites http://www.bolton.ac.uk/codate/spguidetocomposites.pdf
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    maybe I should add a link to comparing marine epoxies. Lots of differences besides price to consider.

    paul - progressive epoxy polymers inc
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  6. Dave Brockes
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    Could you give me your thoughts regarding the risks on this one Paul, thanks, Dave
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