ocean conditions are changing due to Rapid Global Climate Shift

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    Don Easterbrook's Heartland Distortion of Reality

    Posted on 7 June 2012 by dana1981

    At the recent scandal-plagued Heartland climate conference, Don Easterbrook gave a presentation in which he discussed his previous predictions of global cooling. Given the inaccuracy of those predictions after just one decade, we were surprised to learn that Easterbrook had highlighted them in his talk, going as far as to claim that his global cooling projectons have thus far been more accurate than the global warming projections in the 2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Third Assessment Report (TAR).


    “There’s not a lot of science here,” said Scott Denning, an atmospheric scientist from Colorado State University who attended the event last year to present the so-called “warmist” case. Neither Denning nor any of the other 97% of climate scientists who say human activity is warming the planet presented at this year’s conference.

    In fact, none of this year’s top speakers had any background in climate science. Instead, they spoke about the issues in highly conspiratorial terms.
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    this is not even a remotely factual statement, many of the speakers are climatologists, there are also physicists and geologists who study the archeological record of past climate conditions, many others are scientists that have worked in the field. It does not look like they even studied the material presented, nor looked at who was giving the presentations. There are many who spoke about economics and politics too, but they did not take anything away from the climate specialists that also spoke at this event.

    It appears they have nothing valid to say about those who spoke or their data, but would rather dismiss them all because they did not approve of some of the speakers.

    How are they and their science going to be taken seriously if they do not address the very real questions raised by the scientists present at this conference?

    I am not for or against either side, but it sure makes me question their motives and their competence when they make such false statements that are easy to verify.
  3. Petros
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    and what is this "scandal plague" that you posted?. I did a search on this and can find no "scandal", but only lots of accusations by people that did not even attend the conference.

    looks more like an attempt to smear and discredit rather than address the science. You are participating in that baseless smear by repeating this nonsense.

    You still have not addressed my question about the issues brought up by the scientist at this conference.
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    Can you name any serious climatologists -- as opposed to meteorologists, lawyers, or scientists only peripherally involved with climatology -- who spoke at the meeting? I doubt there were any, since 97% of scientists worldwide think global warming is real.

    There's also the billboard the Heartland Institute put up, with a picture of the Unabomber and the phrase, "I still believe in global warming; do you?" It was the first of a planned series of ads linking global warming to dictators and mass murderers, and was cancelled because people were so disgusted. Is that what you consider a scientific approach to the subject?
  5. Petros
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    how is that a "scandal"? Is this not what other organizations do? Planned Parent hood, the NRA, various religious groups, and the the IPCCC itself? how is planning to present an alternative school curriculum a "scandal"? the bill board incident sounds really stupid, but neither do I know all the details, and bad taste does not a scandal make.

    Yes I can name them, unlike you I had actually went to the web site and seen some of the lectures. Very compelling. I am not going to list them for you, but I will provide a link. So why don't you go look for yourself? here is the link, lots of scientists on the list, and you can look up their credentials.

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    Any take home ideals about the subject you gathered from this conference?
  7. troy2000
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    The Heartland Institute isn't a scientific organization; it's a lobbying and PR hired gun for corporate interests. It made its first big money spreading misinformation for the tobacco companies, and when that well ran dry it moved on to other lucrative fields -- like climate change.

    Of course its material is "compelling;" that's what it gets paid to produce -- and what it pays professional sceptics to crank out. But it's arguments are pretty thin if you look at the actual science they're supposedly based on....
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    From your URL, above, the people I've put in bold might have climate science credentials. Which presentations did you find compelling?

    Joseph Bast, Heartland Institute President

    Jerome Arnett, Jr., M.D. is a pulmonologist

    Dennis Avery, Ph.D. is an environmental economist

    Joe Bastardi, co-chief forecaster at Weatherbell Analytics

    Charles Battig is a retired physician with a postgraduate degree in electrical engineering

    Larry Bell professor of space architecture

    Alan Carlin, Ph.D. in economics from MIT

    Bob Carter, Ph.D. is a marine geologist and environmental scientist

    Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Ph.D. the first scientist and last man to step foot on the moon in the Apollo 17 mission

    Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 lunar module pilot

    Harold Doiron, Ph.D. who worked for decades on vehicle stability and design at NASA

    Thomas Wysmuller, a meteorologist trained at NYU and the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau

    Donn Dears a GE senior executive

    Paul Driessen is a senior fellow with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

    John Droz received a graduate degree in physics from Syracuse University

    John Dale Dunn is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine

    Don J. Easterbrook, Ph.D. is emeritus professor of geology

    Myron Ebell is director of the Center for Energy & Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and president of Freedom Action

    Willis Eschenbach, Ph.D. is an amateur scientist

    Peter Ferrara is a Heartland senior fellow for entitlement and budget policy

    Stanley B. Goldenberg, Ph.D. is a meteorologist with the Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOAA

    Steve Goreham is an engineer and business executive

    Larry Gould, Ph.D. is professor of physics

    William M. Gray, Ph.D. has worked in the observational and theoretical aspects of tropical meteorological research

    Kenneth Haapala trained as a quantitative economist

    Tom Harris is Executive Director of the science-based, non-partisan group, the International Climate Science Coalition

    Howard Hayden, Ph.D. professor of physics

    Roger Helmer MEP, MA, is a member of the European Parliament

    Christopher C. Horner is a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute

    Craig D. Idso, Ph.D is the founder of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change

    Jim Johnston is The Heartland Institute’s senior fellow for energy and regulatory policy

    Richard A. Keen, Ph.D. is instructor emeritus at the University of Colorado and a meteorologist

    Madhav Khandekar, Ph.D. is a former research scientist from Environment Canada

    Václav Klaus is president of the Czech Republic and an economist by education

    Jay H. Lehr received the nation’s first Ph.D. in groundwater hydrology

    Craig Loehle, Ph.D. has published papers in forestry, ecology, geophysics, modeling, and other fields

    Sebastian Lüning holds a doctorate in geology/paleontology

    Anthony R. Lupo, Ph.D is an associate professor of atmospheric sciences

    Patrick Michaels, Ph.D is a research professor of environmental and senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute. He is a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists

    Lord Christopher Monckton, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, has held positions with the British press and in government, as a press officer at the Conservative Central Office

    Marc Morano is the executive editor and chief correspondent for the award-winning ClimateDepot.com

    Julian Morris has degrees in economics and law

    Tom V. Segalstad, Ph.D. is associate professor of resource and environmental geology

    Nir J. Shaviv professor of astrophysics

    Jim Sensenbrenner represents the Fifth Congressional District of Wisconsin

    S. Fred Singer, Ph.D an atmospheric and space physicist

    Willie Soon, Ph.D is both an astrophysicist and a geoscientist based in Cambridge, MA… The views expressed by Willie Soon are strictly his and do not reflect those of any institutions.

    Brian Sussman was the San Francisco Bay Area’s top television meteorologist and science reporter

    Richard J. Trzupek is a chemist

    Anthony Watts is a 25-year broadcast meteorology

    Todd Wynn has a Master’s degree in international and developmental economics
  9. troy2000
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    Personally I wouldn't classify physicians, TV weather reporters, economists, Congressmen, lawyers, members of Parliament, engineers or business executives as 'scientists.' Much less as experts on climate, whose views should outweigh the findings of professional climatologists....:confused:
  10. michael pierzga
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    NOAA is a scientific organization, The Heartland Group is a special interest lobby.

    You will have to decide whether to gain scientific insight from a bunch of good ole boys or NOAA scientists ...............

    [​IMG] upload pic

  11. troy2000
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    I agree. The Heartland Institute was founded by a formerly reputable scientist, who apparently decided in his old age there was more money to be made by getting out of genuine science, and instead whoring his scientific credentials to corporate interests.
  12. troy2000
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    Well, I came back to the motor home after work. I fired up my laptop, which has Mozilla Firefox as its default browser, and I read that article. And you know what? It doesn't have a single ounce of facts to back up its headlines and lead paragraph.

    I'm sticking with my original reaction, squared: it's a pack of deliberate, bald-faced lies. There is no way anyone who's at all conversant with the subject could honestly make such blatantly wrong claims.
  13. Number4

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    Dear Petros,

    You have only provided a link and asked a vague question, what sort of complicated response were you exactly expecting?
    My previous post was very obviously a cut and paste from other sources. You could go and argue on those websites if you like, they do have comment sections.
    The links are quite clearly right there in front of you.
    Please do not insult me again with accusations of baseless smearing.

    I read the Forbes article, and watched Don Easterbrook's presentation.
    Are you genuinely interested in my opinion? I would be completely surprised if you were.
    I could write a few hundred thousand words, but you will have to try very hard to convince me that it would not be a total waste of my time.
    So if you do not mind very much, I will just carry on with the odd cut and paste from a linked web page.

    Best Wishes,
  14. BPL
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  15. ImaginaryNumber
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    Forgive me for answering a tidal wave with a tsunami.

    It's cooling
    We're heading into an ice age
    It's freaking cold!
    Record snowfall disproves global warming
    Record high snow cover was set in winter 2008/2009
    2009-2010 winter saw record cold spells
    Oceans are cooling
    It hasn't warmed since 1998
    Phil Jones says no global warming since 1995
    Global warming stopped in 1998, 1995, 2002, 2007, 2010, ????
    DMI show cooling Arctic
    We're heading into cooling

    Increasing CO2 has little to no effect
    CO2 is just a trace gas
    CO2 has a short residence time
    CO2 effect is saturated
    Postma disproved the greenhouse effect
    Greenhouse effect has been falsified
    2nd law of thermodynamics contradicts greenhouse theory
    Venus doesn't have a runaway greenhouse effect
    CO2 only causes 35% of global warming
    Removing all CO2 would make little difference
    CO2 was higher in the past
    CO2 was higher in the late Ordovician
    There's no correlation between CO2 and temperature
    It cooled mid-century
    CO2 lags temperature
    Warming causes CO2 rise
    CO2 increase is natural, not human-caused
    It warmed before 1940 when CO2 was low
    We didn't have global warming during the Industrial Revolution
    Soares finds lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature
    An exponential increase in CO2 will result in a linear increase in temperature

    It's the ocean
    It's El Niño
    It's Pacific Decadal Oscillation

    It's the sun
    It's cosmic rays
    Solar Cycle Length proves its the sun
    The sun is getting hotter
    Water levels correlate with sunspots
    Solar cycles cause global warming
    Medieval Warm Period was warmer
    It's a 1500 year cycle
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