OB 2-Stroke 45hp prop pitch & diameter question

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by paularey, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Was hoping someone here might know or have a good recommendation for me about re-propping my outboard..? But it’s not exactly a typical set-up! It a long shaft and hangs on the back of my 27 ft sailboat/catamaran (8m Catalac). The motor is a Mariner 45hp 2 stroke Ser # OB298425, 1988 is as close as I can figure. Anyway it was thrown on stock straight out of the box some time ago with know thought about the configuration of the boat/weight & its application! I know they install different pitch props on house & patio boats, props of a lower pitch, larger diameter, & 4 blades sometimes than typically used on lighter boats. I am looking for something that will run a little more efficiently and work well at slightly lower RPM than wide-open throttle..? The boat clips right along when motor sailing but full throttle isn’t required but when there is no wind I’d like to get the most reasonable power transfer out of it as possible. Is there such a prop in this realm? The boat is a Catamaran with a water line approximately 27ft long and a dry weight of 6200lb. Any help on this matter or advice on whom to talk with is greatly appreciated.
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