Oarlock socket installation?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by kendz, May 21, 2012.

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    Wondering if anyone has some advice for installing oarlock sockets on my 14' metal flat bottom boat. Just picked it up used and one of the original sockets is missing. I got a new pair of side mount sockets but the lip/rim extends too far for the oarlock to slide in. If I were to just put a spacer in there is not enough height for the oar to totally clear the rim.

    I am considering using 2x4's as a spacer and extend one up above the rim to mount the socket onto.

    I am planning on using it to float some local rivers so don't know if the wood can handle the stress of rowing with current?

    Any other suggestions? Also should I put a backing on the other side of the bolts to disperse weight?

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    You have to match the new socket with the old one. The boat had oarlocks, right?
    Getting the right socket means checking out a few catalogues. Have you done that?
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    Make both the same and a 2x4 extension sounds fine, if you feel comfortable with the extra height.
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