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Discussion in 'Software' started by PaulCoffin, Aug 3, 2016.

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    Could somebody post the IGES export of the default sailboat hull from Delftship Pro?

    I would buy Delftship Pro if the IGES export (or any export) was the same NURBS surface with the same control points used for editing in Delftship. I exported the default sailboat hull from Freeship as an IGES file and the resulting half hull NURBS surface has many more control points and is split in two. Two many points to do any aesthetic tweaking in Rhino. My old copy of Maxsurf exported the same surface and points you edit, but that version can't run on my newer computers.

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    Hi Paul,
    Iges export is usually like that, and the edges of the bunch of surfaces don't match very well. I would suggest that you export it as 3D-dxf, to get waterlines and sections, then (if you have Orca) use the sailboat assistant to create a single nurbs-surface, and tweak it to the lines imported. Or use one of the surface tools of Rhino (loft, networksurf, etc..). Hope this helps.
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    Hi PaulCoffin,
    Here is the IGES file for Default Sailboat from DS Pro.
    NA Razmik Baharyan

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