Numerical investigation of flow around an appended ship hull DTMB 5415

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    Numerical investigation of flow around an appended ship hull DTMB 5415
    Using hybrid viscous solution with potential flow free surface utilizing SHIPFLOW software for CFD proble.

    Objective: The aim of this book is to numerically determine flow around the ship hull - DTMB 5415. Further analyses have been made on the different combinations of appendages attached to the ship’s hull. As a result, influence of the appendages on the wake structure located in the propeller disk as well as the representation of the forces acting on appendages have been derived. Content and methods: • The free surface flow around a model surface ship (DTMB 5415) advancing in calm water under steady conditions is numerically simulated. The geometry of the DTMB 5415 ship hull was provided in igs file format. The combatant has been recommended by the 1996 International Towing Tank Conference as a benchmark case for CFD computations of ship resistance and propulsion. • The SHIPFLOW code was employed to evaluate the flow field structure around the ship hull, the forces acting on bare hull and appendages. The solver computed the incompressible RANS equations on structured overlapping grids by using a finite volume technique. Turbulence modelling was achieved through the k-ε and k-ω SST or EASM models. • The propeller was approximated as an active disk.
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