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    Kitsap Transit – Marine Services Director

    Kitsap Transit is excited to announce a new and exciting opportunity for a Marine Services Director!!! The person in this position will be responsible for starting up this new passenger-only ferry service. Once underway, this position will manage the day-to-day operation of this service primarily through contracting.

    Req: BA in transp. mgt., business, public admin or planning & five yrs of inc. resp. passenger (preferably marine) trans. mgt. exp incl 3 yrs of program mgt and supervisory exp; or an equivalent combination of educ. & experience.
    Sal: $8,105 - $10,899/mo, DOE. Appl. packet and additional details re. the position, salary and benefits avail. at Deadline: 4PM, 12/30/16 EEO/AA.
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