nose diving riveira

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by aussiebrian, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. tunnels

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    So you like to be a sheep and follow everyone else !!
    We are individuals and we all think differantly !If we didnt we would never progress and the future would stand still . Paint it bright pink !!! :confused:
  2. J3
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    No, sorry. I wasn't familiar with the term/brand/color RedHand. I don't particularly like the color myself in general, but it needs to compliment the gorgeous wood on deck and the rest of the boat without outshining IMO.
  3. troy2000
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    Completely unnecessary post, in my opinion.

    Why are you calling him a 'sheep' for going with a traditional color? I think it's quite appropriate for the purpose. Obviously a lot of other people think the same, or it would never have hung around long enough to become a tradition....

    If it doesn't fit your personal tastes, deal with it instead of getting petty and insulting. It isn't your boat, and I'll bet you can't even see it from your house.

  4. mark775

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    I think he may have actually been pointing out MY pettiness with that post... I undersatnd trying to match a color. I wouldn't do it but I'm glad to hear there is a purpose!
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