North Pole by sailing catamaran

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    A challenging project apparently the team are revisiting their goal with a new catamaran. Their last attempt ended after repeated collisions with ice damaged their crafts battery and forced them to retire. Their boat can be sailed when possible and dragged over the ice when it's not. The departure is set from Alaska with arrival in Spitsbergen via the North Pole, after nearly 3000 km (1750 nautical miles). The attached photo shows the catamaran they used in the last attempt.

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    Not me ,brudda! I wish them luck....
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    There were some guys that took a Hobie Cat thru the NW passage around 25 years ago. Same idea, a sailing sled. Back when there used to be ice up there in the summer.

    Now it seems they'll be someone taking Catalina 22s thru most years.
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