Norman Cross Trimaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Jerry_Lincoln, Mar 26, 2005.

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    I almost bought an old Norman Cross Trimaran. It looks like it was custom built. It had some greatr lines and was very fast. Does anyone know where I can get plans for a Norman Cross Trimaran?
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    Norman Cross

    I built the hulls for Norman Cross in the 60's and 70's in my boat yard in Harbor City California. I absolutely loved this man and his designs. I built my own 36' which was completely customized and sailed around the world with out incident. I was disappointed that after his death his wife did not pass this on to someone. I heard there were plans available through a historic yacht association in San Diego. I never followed through. You were able to buy plans after his death through her. Many home boat builders latched onto this designer and saw the briallance of his work. He helped many people attain thier dream of freedom on a sail boat. He also attracted the backyard kook. I would examine the bulk heads and the hulls very carefully. The mast placement was critical on this boats. The double diagonal planking can be examined fron the iterior and the fiberglass should be examined from the exterior. If you do not know the history of the boat, I would pull it out and do a thourough inspection.
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    CROSS Multihull Design Home Page

    CROSS Multihull Design trimaran and catamaran plans are available at
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    Cross Multihulls

    durangoyaya are you still a member of the group. I would like to talk with you about your cruising experiences with the modified Cross you sailed. Specifically model, pointing, crusining performance, etc...

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    Modified Cross 46

    Hey All,

    I have just completed a circumnavigation of the Pacific with a modified Cross 46 MkIIB. The Vaka was extended two feet at the stern giving a better exit profile and the main skeg keel was removed and she was fitted with dagger boards in each Ama. The ketch rig was replaced with a rig from a Catana 52 and the position of the original mast was maintained. The jib is 100% and really pulls the boat. Both main and jib are very heavy, 12oz for the jib and two layers of 7 oz for the main.

    In light airs, 5-7kts we were able to do 4-5kts and in 10-15kts it was 7-10kts. In 15-20kts she would do 10-12kts. Any faster and you're not cruising. Our best day was 241nm and our worst day was -11nm on the rhumb line after 145nm over the water(bad winds in the Southern Ocean).

    In Opua, Bay of Islands, I met and had conversations with AW Legge who knew Norm and his wife and had worked with Norm in the States and has built Morrelli and Melvin designs, so knows multis fairly well. In his opinion, Norm's tri's were beauty and function in one package. I couldn't agree more. Jeff Turner is probably the best resource for Cross design support.

    If I can be of assistance, contact me.

    S/V Moxie, Cross 46 MKIIB
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    I've just purchased a Cross 36 (Velos). I'm looking for a designer to help with modifications to reduce the draft (possibly remove the keel) and add daggerboards or possibly fins in the almas. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    you might want to to talk to Jim Brown. He's not too far from you, if you are still in VA Beach. Contact me via PM.
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    I purchased a cross 44 in 2004 in Ft Lauderdale and and currently in Fiji, I would like to know more about the boat I have. When I return I will look for a hull number, she is a well built 1968 Cross ketch rig...any advise
    caribbeanislandsailing point com
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    Go to Cross web site they have a few designer/builders offering some plans.

    There is a Cross in Maine for sale 36 that owner is selling as in "good condition" it is a project boat. nothing disclosed. He painted over rotten wood before my visit to see boat . I could put my finger thru hull below waterline. and may other places.

    Engine mounts were on ply wood, untreated at that.

    Glass was delaminating everywhere. This tri (Cross look great from 50 yards. careful of builders/ owners. Cold molded is only as good as builder and subsequent care.

    Also some owners are not honest and waste your time traveling to a boat that needs to be completely redone. without disclosing this. If you do not find the problems they will not tell you. Bad way to live. Be careful

    Good luck. There are nice crosses if you wait they come around 70-80K but have a thourough survey done with someone familiar with cold molded construction.
    and check out builder if possible. Red flags if appear will generally multiply in numbers

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    Maine 36

    I looked at a Cross 36 near Bangor (Winterport) ME last year. They were asking $36,000. It was a 1987/88 build with Florida registration numbers. Would this be the same boat?
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    cross 36 in maine

    hey jw...we were interested in that cross also...thinking to go north to go see it...the owner didn't mention any extensive delam or rot, just a little soft spot on the hull he was going to repair...we are looking for a tri that might need some tlc...but don't really want a major the boat worth a look?


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    Dear Norman Cross fans, does anyone have an update on Jeff Turner as he is not answering mail ? I need plans for a 36' hard chine Cross design urgently.
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