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    They do´nt need! They afford the best marketing (for the most ugliest boats imho).
    And they sell it where it belongs: the US market.....................

    Each and every of the NA´s around here, and each and every of the professional boatbuilders could tell you, that a custom made Passagemaker of the same spec.s would cost about 50% of those "yoghurt cups" and they would be built to class standards! look:
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    maybe Most think they are hansome
    if I had that sort of money I would be asking for cert this cert that
    i guess Nordhaven have their own quality control over there
    but you get people buying yachts because the curtains are pretty,
    I myself like them, especially the range and cost of motoring
    underwater shapes are good They look safe and probably are safe
    i Know how hard it is to break into the USA market
    boatbuilding is not all just boatbuilding!
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    See attached from - listing of Nordhavn's CE certified (all Cat A) by IMCI. These are type certificates. Larger boats are certified B+G individually and are certified by HPi in the UK.

    As for classification societies, most will only class a boat over 24m, which eliminates all Nordhavn's but the 86. See attached from ABS ( This is the listing for one of the 86's. I am told two others are in progress with ABS.

    So, just to clear things up, yes they can be CE Certified CAT A and yes, they have been classed when possible.

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    Thanks for the data. I appreciate the clarification.
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