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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by hitordie, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 79 Aztec Ranger from my father-in-law. only spent $500 for it and now trying to get her ready for the water. i have a few questions...

    1. i was given an aluminum tank to put in. What do i do? not sure what fittings i need or anything. A general description would be useful. i will post a few pics. not sure how to set up the gas gauge.

    2. I have a 65 horse power Suzuki oil injected. the water pump is shredded and need to find out what year model i have. bought it from my father-in-law and he couldn't remember or find the title. here are my numbers... Suzuki DT65
    06502 70753

    3. I completely rewired everything so far except the bilge pump and aerator pump. i went ahead and bought a new bilge cause i don't want the old one to crap out on me when i need it. but the aerator pump may still be salvageable... any suggestions on how to test and wire it?

    I am completely new to boating and everything so any other tips would be beneficial. also i need to buy some parts to replace bolts that broke when i removed the lower unit. Any ideas on a website to buy the parts and water pump for my motor?

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    First thing is to buy one of these. Your engine is probably a 1987.

    Your tank already has the fitting on it: a ground tab, fill pipe, fuel delivery and vent. The tank is designed to go under the floor and typically is foam in place, though this isn't the best way to do things.

    Since you've wired up the rest of the boat, the bilge and well pumps shouldn't be any problem to finish up. It's just two wires, unless it has a built in float, in which case it'll have three wires. The bilge pump instructions should be pretty clear and the well pump is simply + switched. Drop them both into a bucket of water and wire them up. They'll either run or not.
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