No Name Key and the green lie

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    the "green lie" is that it does not work like these home owners wish.
    I have no doubt that is true.

    And the proponent of the 'green lie' admits she does not live there at the height of the summer.

    An example of people who want to push that 'green lie' lifestyle across the world and yet wont live that life to its full end. In Germany they are heavily pushing solar power now.
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    It is far more efficient and less wasteful of resources to have power generated in a professionally managed large power plant than to have thousands of mini-power plants.

    Solar panels are not without environmental costs, they use very toxic compounds, are labor intensive to make, and put out limited amounts of power.

    The cost of the resource consumption is the retail cost of the power, it costs far more to generate power with solar panels than with a power plant. Therefore it takes more resources to generated solar power.

    The "greenies" who perpetrate the "green lie" fail to understand this basic lesson in market economics.
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