No food,no water,no sail,no radio/Currents,planktons,sun

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mtumut, May 24, 2009.

  1. M-Sasha

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    Umut, pay your debts, find a air mattress, and go floating from Beykoz to Eminönü! It is only 1,40 TL for the Busticket and then a 3 hr trip. If you survive.
  2. peter radclyffe
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    at least genghis khan had food and water
  3. unseen wombat
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    This is very possibly the worst idea I've ever heard someone utter.

    Go read "Men Against the Sea" by Nordhoff and Hall. And I'll second the idea of sitting out on a raft for a few days just as a trial run first.
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    When I was young, I used to say Live and let live,
    but now I say Live and Let Die....
    I forget which 007 movie that was... did it have a submarine?
  5. Brent Swain
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    ******* Idea.
    The book " Sailing the Farm "by Neumeyer may have some items of interest to you.
  6. mtumut
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    I think I found a solution for food , it is algae. They say spirulina and chlorella.
    It is growing in a bio reactor energized with CO2 and sun. they say it produces 35 gallon of food per month for 300 dollars bioreactor investment.
    Heat change or saline water does not stop it.
    Water could be manufactured in a bulb shaped plastic solar still. It could be built very strong and big and nothing stops it at equator.
    I am thinking on small boats more than 10 years and after some degree , these technologies mind reasonable.
    And biofuel can be manufactured with this reactor also. If you build a brigg engine with injection , you can go thousands of kilometers in a society of american engineers race car or shell race car.
    I will read sailing the farm book , it looks good.
    Friends , we have a mind to find a solution and no boundries.

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

  7. Submarine Tom

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    Let us know how it works out!!
  8. mtumut
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    mtumut Junior Member

    Subject is space agriculture.
    First organic thing you have to know is Spirulina , there is a chinese patent at google to grow it at home. This organism eats the carbon dioxide and clean your room , it makes food which its equivalent is only available at mother milk. There are many articles on this material , they say japanese people dont count cancer because they eat this.
    I will add the patent to a later post. As you know nasa is spending billions your billions to send a man to mars without able to load the craft with enough oxygen or food.
    I read that they grow this organic thing in space craft and people could live in a sealed room for weeks with it.
    INTRODUCTION 'USU-Apogee' is a full-dwarf hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (NSSL Reg. no. 331390.01; PI 592742) cultivar developed for high yields in controlled environments. USU-Apogee was developed by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and released in April 1996. NASA is interested in improved food crops for bioregenerative life support systems in space.
    Next post will be the patent.
    By the way , I had been posted a boat picture to be manufactured at soviet yard. Than someone advised me to look to a local steel shop. I did it and cost is 600 to 1000 dollars to manufacture the boat

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

  9. apex1

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    Well, thats what I call progress! I doubt any "Soviet Yard" would have done it as cheap.
  10. mtumut
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    algae photoreactor patent growing at home

    here is the patent to grow spirulina at home or may be at boat , i read there is green blue algae which is advertised more but toxic !

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  11. TeddyDiver
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    It's good to have dreams and try to do things no one else dare to think about. Thou some of these dreams never realize themself, some fail tradegidly, and few, in some miraculous way, turn to succes and widen our perspective to this wonderfull world.
    So good luck! And tell my regards to Scott, André and Earhart.. :)
  12. Knut Sand
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    About fresh water; when there is sun, there should be able to boil seawater, trap / guide the "steam", cool it with seawater, get the condensed freshwater. here is an example of simplicity:

    I'm thinking of 3 tubes; one large (very) darkcoloured plastic tube, inside this a smaller "collecting" tube, with openings in the top/ upper part to let the "steam" inside, inside the smaller "cooling" tube to condense the water vapour. A drain pipe/ hole in the lower part of the collecting tube. Yes, and the cooling water to be driven through the cooling pipe can be pumped through by a small wave driven bilge pump. Perfect for a small boat. Simple and a lot less than 2000 quid. And now it is known, and I can't apply for the patent... ****....

    I kind of fancy the idea of trying to spend a day out on a small raft 9 miles or so from the shore, should the "worst" happen; that will be the situation for 60-80 days.... One week in a "small" sailboat cures me for a couple of months.... a tiiinnyyyyy raft would cure me in 15 minutes.....
  13. gunship
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    bah, at least he can stop at gibraltar when he changes his mind/is about to die..

    also, remember, a such a small boat will most likeley flip over, or in some other way get you killed.
  14. Brent Swain
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    Bombards kidneys were shot to hell for the rest of his life.

  15. kerosene
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    searching alain bombard and kidneys provides no references to him damaging his kidneys - only very badly quoted articles of his voyages

    1 says that he drank sea water for 70 days (which he never claimed) etc.

    He really got very weak only on the last 20-30 days of his travel.

    Anyway - doing something like that is rather insane. Carrying water distilling equipment is much better idea - also vitamins and oatmeal would make sense.

    Even small amount of fiber and carbohydrates would help your body greatly - less diarrhea other issues from limited diet. Just eating proteins (or very protein intensive diet) is hard on kidneys alone.

    But as suggested before - 1 night few miles offshore would probably help change mustafas mind.

    A good survival story is Adrift - a solo sailer wrecks his boat in bad weather (container or whale collision suspected) just little bit off canary islands in 1979 or 80. This guy was not as nutty as Bombard and well equipped but still suffered major hardship. The trip of 76 days on a liferaft included seeing 5 boats that failed to see his flares, water distillers breaking apart, sharks poking around, puncturing his liferaft with spear gun tip etc. It has interesting points about liferaft equipment and the general experience.
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