Nissan 2.7 turbo from a Teranno

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by kcmd, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I have this engine in my boat , and it have some thing like a solinoid like a small black box size of a oxo cube with 5 or 6 wire's to work with the injector pump if this stop working the engine stops dead can this solinoid be bypast. and have a electrical pump installed.
    Allso i am awaiting a service manual to arrive so i can find our if the engine has 6pints ot 6 ltrs of oil including fillter.
    As the engine is direct drive no gearbox this engine will easy reach 6000 revs and will go past this figor what in your oppinion would be safe range for the turbo to go.
    ps hope you can understand .
  2. Katoh
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    I dont know the motor you're talking about, but 6k just seems way too high. I have 3 diesels all turbo's, the Mitsubishi's 3.2l are happy at 2100, the Volvo 2.4l at 2800. non of them like anything over 4k nor do I want to push them that far.
    Your little box sounds like a relay, yes you can bypass, if you workout if its meant to be open or closed, then its a matter of bridging or separating the wires depending on which one. I personally dont know why you would want to do this, as its there for a reason probably to switch your motor off, Maybe?

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    Thank's kato, I had a new rpm counter fitted that go to 6000 the nissan is out a road car a terrano get up to 5000 with no problem but it still dont push my boat, so im looking for a replasment jet drive and take out my pp65 jet I will sell the jet for spairs A jet drive or stern drive, I thought about a 200hp outboard but so much work is needed so its a newer jet or a stern drive what in your opinion will be the best way to go .
  4. Katoh
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    I not sure what boat your putting it in, how fast you want to go or were you want to use it?
    If your in shallow waters crossing or crossing very shallow bars even weedy areas the jet drive for sure, but if your ocean or deep lake I would go the stern drive. Without knowing your particulars, you said an outboard 200hp, I take it as a planning hull around the 6m mark?
    I would suggest have a look at the new mercruiser diesel packages, I cant speak for the UK but they are a 1.7Litre turbo diesel 130hp, very fuel efficient and have lots of rave reports on them so far. The other thing is they are quite light and small.
    I have Ad31B Volvo but its over 400kg with the leg, same performance, just heavy and old. Have a look around see what's available, Yanmars are nice but expensive as volvo but in my opinion better than an outboard if your using it regularly.
    Its not that bad going from stern drive to outboard but its a big thing going from outboard to stern drive.

  5. iambloke
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    I have an earlier version of the TD 27 in my boat. It doesn't have the black box that you refer to, so I'm afraid I can't tell you about whether you can bypass it.

    I can, however, tell you that it takes 6 litres of oil with the fuel filter.

    Mine isn't turbo-charged, and is quite low-revving (max out at about 3,500 rpm).

    Do you know what the bellhousing SAE size is? I've got the original automatic gearbox attached still (it's a bit horrible) and I'd like to put a marine gearbox on it, but I'm not finding the bellhousing adapter size easily.

    Hope you're having fun!

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