Nigel Calder's latest systems article in ProBoat, "Advances in Onboard Solar"

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    Contributing editor Nigel Calder’s article on the basics of onboard solar options is Professional BoatBuilder’s Dec/Jan online offering (we publish one article each issue on our website for non-subscribers).

    Calder discusses the differences between monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film silicone technologies; compares theoretical and practical efficiencies of competing solar cells; explores the vulnerabilities of the most popular solar panel options; explains variations in construction methods; reviews basic panel wiring; and explains the impacts of shading and other power-robbing effects on solar power supplies.

    Advances in Onboard Solar - Professional BoatBuilder Magazine
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    Pity that the French company who makes solar sales was not included. Refer - Bert.
    I met them while in May 2019 in Europe.

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